As excited as I am about having a little bubba boy, there are a few … let’s say concerns that I have come to realise about raising a boy. It’s nothing against boys, I’m so excited to be having a little man, but being a girl there are some things that either I don’t know or quite frankly just don’t interest me.

Pete’s lucky as he’ll have this inbuilt excitement over cars, farts and moshi monsters – whatever the f that is! He also knows about private parts and all of the boy changes that happen that honestly freak me out a little!

He’ll want him to be into wrestling, computers and fhm – the horror, and let’s face it, he’ll probably want to be into those things.

I however, love candles, flowers and snuggles, but I’m sure that those are things Rabbit won’t appreciate as much when he’s older and something I’m sure Pete would prefer he didn’t get into!

You can see my predicament, so here are a few of the things that make me feel a little apprehensive about the little lad I’m due to have in April!


Being peed on- I know baby girls will pee too but boys seem to have more of an aim! I know I can try to avoid it till the cows come home but it’s inevitable, I’m going to get pee’d on aren’t I?

I have however been told that the golden rule when putting a nappy on a boy is ‘winky facing down’. I’m getting the practise in with Rhys and so far no leaks or showers … hopefully Rabbit will be the same!


Moshi monsters, Pokemon and all that crap – I can be one of the lads. I like action movies, boxing and outdoorsy stuff like off-roading, but I just don’t get these weird animationy things that boys are into. Thomas, Bob and Pat I can do but it’s the pokemon, moshi monsters and Ren and Stimpy style characters that I just find weird!

Don’t get me started on the video games, COD, GTA, they’re ok in small doses (in fact GTA is kind of fun to watch, strip clubs and hold ups – I’m not a total girl). Like I said, small doses, like when Pete plays on a Sunday afternoon; but if I have to be subjected to a combination of that and things like mine craft, I’m not so sure I’ll remain sane!


Rabbit not letting me put him in cute clothes – I’m aware that I have a limited time to be his stylist. He’s probably going to allow me 6-8 years max to dress him up in cute ‘I’m mummy’s little dude’ tops with chinos and braces before he calls me embarrassing and chooses some unfashionable joggers and hoody’s to ruff house in 🙁


Boy smell – I’m not saying that boys smell, I mean up until they hit puberty they pretty much smell of babies and then whatever you choose for them to wash in; what I’m saying is there is always a boy smell. It’s that smell that lingers when you walk into a boys room first thing in the morning, or if they’ve been on the sofa too long. It’s a mixture of gyms, food and, well boy. I know it from my brother, dad and male flat mates at uni and I know it’s a smell that’s going to occupy my home forever now. The only hope I have is that of Yankee Candles and my cleaning addiction.


Too much blue – I’ve always said if I have a girl I don’t want pink clothes and if I have a boy I don’t want blue ones. I especially felt this way about boys with blue. It seems unfair that girls can wear any colour and it be ok, (my little girl would live in boho violets and blues) but boys are limited to blue, baby blue, light blue and navy … oh and maybe a bit of green. I know that it’s inevitable that I’m going to get some blue items for Rabbit, especially from other people but I’m making a conscious effort to stock up on reds, browns, yellows and just about any other colour to stay away from the traditional blue, blue blue!


 He’s going to think I’m weird – Ok he might not exactly think I’m weird but he’s not going to be all interested in the things that I get excited over! I love vintage prints, cute pics of baby animals and heart shaped food. Even if he doesn’t say it, I’ll know what he’s thinking – ‘mum your such a girl’ and that’s pretty much an insult from a boy right? I take comfort in knowing that Pete appreciates my creative side- he loved my DIY beer bottles vases (probably because  they relate to beer) so hopefully Rabbit will want to be creative and crafty in a boyish way? Who knows he may want to be the next big fashion designer!

Maybe I’m over reacting. Rabbit might turn out to love glitter and cuddles and taking pictures of trees as much as his Muma does. Even better he may love all that and still want to wrestle daddy and watch Pokemon – gag.

Whatever interests he has and whatever odd boy things he goes through I’m sure I’ll find them fascinating being his muma, and if not they can be classified under the ‘ask your dad’ pile!


Well there’s only one way to find out what being in a house full of boys is like, roll on April!


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