Ruby and Ginger mini changing bag*

We have a lovely changing bag from Seraphine, it’s the perfect size and fits everything that we need in it. It even came with a travel changing mat which was perfect and handy until we went to a birthday party last weekend and Jasper needed a nappy change.

The party was at a sports centre and Pete took Jasper into the football changing rooms to change his bum and when he came back he said that there was rats poo everywhere in there. Even though I loved the changing mat I just couldn’t keep hold of if, even if I’d washed it I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it with the boys so unfortunately it got left behind.

This was really sad and left me on the hunt for a new one … until the lovely ladies at Ruby and Ginger swooped in to save the day! They only went and sent us one of their mini changing bags complete with a changing mat!


Rhys had a go at opening it …. I had to give him a little bit of help!20140513-214303.jpg

The mini changing bag fits perfectly inside my main bag. It’s great for  when you’re traveling or just popping out for a short while and don’t want to take your whole bag. What I’ll probably find most convenient is if I drop Jasper at my mums I’ll be able to give her the mini bag and take the main bag with me as it looks like a normal handbag!20140513-214531.jpg It has a handy carrier strap and velcro fastening to make it easy to access when you’re dealing with a fussy poopy baby!20140513-214858.jpg

The bag itself hold 3 nappies in and as well as containing a changing mat, has a handy wipe box. This will be useful as Rhys likes to play with the seal tab on wipe packets which means they end up going missing and the wipes dry out!20140513-215012.jpg

The changing mat is 100% cotton which on one hand I love because it means it’ll keep the boys bottoms warm. Jasper personally hates laying on his changing mat in his nursery because it’s plasticy and cold on his tooshy so I normally have to put a muslin cloth down first.

On the other hand, I think this will get quite dirty especially as it’s white. It does say that it is water and dirt resistant but I’m not sure if that’s the side they lay on or the patterned side.20140513-215510.jpg

The wipe dispenser box is really cute. I won’t be keeping it in my changing bag as I think it would be too bulky and I already have too much in it so I’ve popped in on the changing station in Jaspers nursery. I think it goes really nicely there!20140513-215656.jpg 20140513-215859.jpg

I’m really happy with the mini changing bag, it came right in the knick of time and I love the pattern which I believe is called ‘Funky Flower’.

The only downside for me is that when Jasper wee’d on it I had to pop it in the wash straight away, whereas with my other mat I could just wipe it clean with disinfectant spray. I don’t mind washing it but it means I have to go without it for a day or so.

You can check out Ruby and Ginger’s range of mini changing bags and other fab family items over at


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*We were sent this product for view. All opinions are my own

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