Rhys is a Vitacoco kid!

Rhys has always been really good with his eating and drinking. I think I can count on one hand the foods that he’s not liked and to be honest I think he actually likes all of those now. Drinks wise, at our house he only has water and milk. Sometimes I’ll make him a fruit smoothie but we don’t really like him to drink too many sugary drinks, and as he loves water, it’s always been fine!

I’m quite the same; I love water and milk, and if I have too many sugary drinks I can feel it on my teeth (if that makes sense?). One drink that I do however love, is coconut water. It’s refreshing and full of electrolytes which are fab for staying hydrated. I first got into it in Thailand where it was served straight from the coconut and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Recently Vitacoco got in touch to see if Rhys would like to be a tester for their new kids range of fruit flavoured coconut water drinks. Of course I said yes as even if he didn’t like it, I knew that they wouldn’t go to waste with me being such a fan!photo 4-71

Vitacoco has┬ásignificantly less sugar and calories in their drinks than leading high street drink brands and are packed full of potassium. They come in 2 flavours, Apple and Blackcurrant; and Mango and Pineapple – the latter being mine and Rhys’s fave!

The drinks are the perfect size for Rhys’s diddy little hands to carry around; the only problem was that being an inquisitive little chap, he wanted to pull the straw out and couldn’t get it back in. They may actually be a great test for his dexterity and hand-eye coordination haha

photo 2-115

Rhys gave the drinks a thumbs up and we’ve even kept the box they came in as a little treasure box for his room!

photo 1-117photo 3-88

I’ll definitely be buying more of them for him to have as snacks but I still want to stick to him mainly having water and milk ­čÖé

You can check out Vitacoco’s range at they website vitacoco.com and also their kids range at vitacocokids.com. There’s even some cool activities for kids on their website if you’re stuck for a rainy day activity ­čÖé

Thanks for reading! xx

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