Rhys – You Are Two!

Well it’s been such a long time since I’ve done an update on you Rhys, I think maybe since you were one! I’m not sure I even did one when you turned a year; with all the hecticness of a newborn going on!

Rhys you are two. A wonderful, caring, thoughtful two. You’re definitely a thinker. You’re not one to just run around like crazy – unless Daddy is involved that is! You sit quietly with a book; you talk to your toy animals and you colour. A far cry from the one year old that used to just grab one of our phones and run!


Don’t get me wrong, you have so much energy. We take you to soft play and you disappear to the top level to explore. You love rides and running around with daddy; but you have such thought in all that you do … even the cheeky things!

You’re so caring to your little brother. You feed him when he’s hungry, play peekaboo in the car when he cries and kiss him goodnight. It’s so heart melting to see and I know Jaspy will do the same to you when he’s a little older.

Of course you do it all by the book; you sleep through the night, you eat like a horse and you lay down with a nappy when you’re ready for a butt change. Me and Daddy are very grateful for this, especially as your little brother is a stinker who doesn’t sleep and hates a nappy change!

You crack me and Daddy up in the car. The faces you pull when you don’t think anyone’s looking; and when I hear Daddy say ‘take your fingers out’ only for me to turn around and see them right up your nose!

You finish your crisps and put the empty wrapper down your back; you put your toy trains down your top and oh that little bucket of trains you carry around – like your briefcase!

You know so many words now. You didn’t start talking too early but now we couldn’t stop you if we tried! You understand A LOT more than you say as well which always amazes us. You sing songs, tell us incomprehensible stories and babble away to Jasper while he sits and watches you play.

You love playing with other kiddies especially your big cousins. At first you used to toddle after them but now you’re almost running! You kick a ball, roll around throw really well too!


You’re such a Daddys boy. ‘dadda’. ‘where dadda gone?’, ‘where gone?’ is pretty much all I hear while he’s out of the room. You’d be permanently joint to his hip if you could but Daddy wouldn’t mind one bit. He loves it when you pull him to face you for kisses, play peekaboo around the corner and run up to him for cuddles.

You can be rather possessive at times (in a cute way); most nights wanting to sleep with Dino, a book, a train and a bottle – all in your arms and all found still tightly held to you while you sleep. It’s pretty darn cute and reminds me I should take a picture of it tomorrow night … that’ll be one to show the girlfriend!

You’re an absolute cutie pie Rhys. You have the softest skin ever, big beautiful round eyes and a tuft of hair that is finally long enough to spike up into a mohawk!

What a wonderful year it has been, and we have some awesome things coming up! You’ll be going on an aeroplane for the first ever time; visiting another country and moving into our new home!

Until next year wee man!





  • Dianne
    30th April 2015 at 3:36 pm Reply

    What a lovely thing for Rhys to look back on when he is older. He really is a little sweetie x

    • Jessica
      3rd May 2015 at 9:03 am Reply

      Thanks muma, I hope he likes it 🙂

  • cerahobbit
    8th May 2015 at 11:57 am Reply

    so lovely

    • Jessica
      18th May 2015 at 1:30 pm Reply

      Thank you!

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