Since me and Pete moved back to the UK in October we’ve spent loads of time with his gorgeous son Rhys, however it wasn’t until Christmas eve that we were able to have him to stay overnight and we were so excited that he’d be waking up with us on Christmas morning! I think that was the best Christmas present Pete could have asked for, except for his personalised toothpick holder which I’m proud to say made top! A for effort for me – yay!

We were so excited and then it dawned on me, what was suppose to be the boys rooms was functioning as a storage room/ walk in wardrobe/ junk box. As we live in a cottage our bedroom walls are slanted so we hadn’t gotten round to organising our clothes in there yet, and with our room being a loft conversion our cosy little cottage although stunning, isn’t well equipped with storage! I’m not going to upload pictures as I’m pretty embarrassed at how it originally looked and until I start to decorate I don’t want to reveal the boys room as it is now, but here’s an idea of what the room contained:

* 5 suitcases piled up

* Iron and ironing board

* Henry hoover

* Unpacked boxes from Dubai

* Makeshift wardrobe

* Collection of toys, books, clothes and equipment for Rhys and Rabbit

* Random junk

With less than 24 hours to prepare I got my butt into gear and sorted the room – nesting mode at it’s finest! The suitcases were distributed to mine and Pete’s parents houses, the boxes were sorted and unpacked, the iron and hoover were moved into Pete’s office and the wardrobe unfortunately had to stay put; but with a boat themed scarf of Pete’s (not sure why he had it) laid over the cupboard it actually looked pretty cool!

We borrowed the travel cot that my mum and dad kept at their house for my niece and nephew and used a clothes rail to organise Rhys’ clothes. I went to Kiddicare and bought a really cute quilt and bumper set (the bumper set couldn’t be used with the travel cot – school boy error from me). With all the extra space I was able to place his toys out to make it look like a lovely little boys room and even though it was nowhere near what I wanted the room to look like, it was as ready as it could have been for the little monkeys first night!

So room ready, we had our next dilemma to deal with – sleepless nights. Being pregnant with my first baby I’m constantly being told to relax, to make the most of my full nights sleeps that I’m getting and to treasure those lay ins i’ve become accustomed to. Well that was all going out of the window, it was only the first night but we had already decided that we would have to work together to try and get Rhys as settled into a routine as possible to make things easier on everyone in the long run. We were really worried that he wouldn’t sleep well as it was an unfamiliar place so we made sure to borrow his pillow and comforter from home so that he would have that homely smell. We honestly thought it would be a sleepless night with visions of Rhys screaming the cottage down, Pete pulling his hair out and me questioning whether it would be easier to drop him back to his mums. But you know what? It was perfect!

Rhys slept 9-5 solidly, woke up and opened some presents in bed with me and Pete, had some milk and then slept again from 6-9:30. I know it’s only day one and we could really be speaking too soon but we are so happy and impressed with our (my) preparation and Rhys’ amazing sleeping and it’s given us some real confidence for his future stays and life with our little Rabbit.

A pat on the back for me, Pete and Rhys and of course a wonderful first Christmas as a family! Here are some pictures of our Christmas morning together <3

His fireman play tent

Little Tigger with daddy and his Fireman Sam play tent

Going down the slide on his own

Going down the slide on his own like a big boy!

Looking slightly unimpressedLooking slightly unimpressed with his building blocks!

So there we have it, our first Christmas together. We gave Rhys some great wrapping paper, boxes and labels to play with and he gave us a full nights sleep!


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