Rhys loves – His Mini Cooper S

Last Christmas we got a tad overexcited with Rhys’s presents. We ended up spending a lot of money on things that he wasn’t really fussed with and actually, has only recently been able to use. The main one being his red battery operated Mini. 

We got a fab deal, it was already half price and then had a further discount so we ended up getting it for £100 from Toys R Us! This made it slightly less disheartening when he neither loved it nor wanted to go in it but now he is certainly getting a lot of use out of it!


He’s just gotten tall enough to be able to push down the foot pedal to make it go! Before now I had to get in there with him which he didn’t like and I think put him off it altogether haha


He was going round and round in circles and randomly bashing into a light or heading towards someones wall! We just need to master steering and he’ll be sweet haha


I love this pic above, the face he’s pulling makes him look like a cat haha


I’m so glad Rhys is able to use the Mini by himself now and that we’ve got such a great space for him to cruise around in!

Have you bought any toys for your kiddos that have taken them ages to start using?

Thanks for reading! xx

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