Rhys Loves Little Yums*

Rhys is a big foody – just like his Daddy! There’s not much that I’ve given him that he hasn’t liked … in fact the only things that he’s ever refused were warm banana (cold is ok) and baby tomatoes as they were too tangy I think.

I love watching him feed himself and now that I’ve bought him a little  Koko baby snack catcher bowl it’s so much easier for him to totter round with his little snacks. I’d definitely recommend these to mumas by the way, they make for a lot less hoovering and wiping!$(KGrHqIOKpkFF4G)I6yLBReml!44n!~~60_12

We were both really excited when the lovely ladies at Plum baby asked me and Rhys (mainly Rhys) to try out some of their fantastic food. I guess Rhys is the reviewer here, I’m just his scribe!

photo 1-71

Plum baby make deliciously organic food for babies and tots and what I love about this brand is that it all started in Susie Willis’s kitchen where she tried and tested her recipes to make sure that they were ‘real food for babies’ and not just ‘baby food’. I love a real story and ethos behind a brand it makes me really trust them!

Their values are creative, caring, pure, delicious and easy and if you see their cool space age portable pouches of food you can tell that a lot of love has gone into their mini meals 🙂

So we were sent sent some of their new Little Yums organic nibble wafers to try out. We got two different flavours – Spinache, apple and kale which Rhys is yet to try and Pumpkin and banana – pictured below.  As you can see he couldn’t wait to tuck in!

photo 2-74err I think I need to open that for you first Rhys! – Like I said, this boy will eat anything lol

photo 3-50

So the wafers are made from nutritious ancient grain buckwheat, fruit and veggies. As Rhys can’t yet talk, and I didn’t think that ‘baaa’ or ‘gamma’ would make for a suitable review, I decided I’d have to taste them too, just to be able to describe them a little (and because I love trying his food!)

I could really taste the banana and smell it actually, but not so much the pumpkin. But then pumpkin isn’t a particularly overpowering taste anyway is it?

photo-43What’s great about them, other than the very creative flavours is that they are really good for teethers and they are easy to eat as the wafer dissolves in your …. I mean your babies mouth.

The texture  I can only describe as ‘wafery’ and I can tell that when he has his next teeth come through (he already has 4 at the front!) these will be nice and gentle for him to snack on.


As for Rhys’s verdict …. thumbs up! yay!

photo 4-42
Rhys is yet to try the spinach, apple and kale flavour as I’d just done a big food shop so had quite a few new snacks for him to try that day but I’ll be sure to post about his thoughts on those!

Fab things:

They are organic, no genetically modified ingredients, no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Apart from the odd crumbs he dropped they were great for him to tot around with as they weren’t sticky or too crumbly  (I’m yet to see a 100% mess free snack for Rhys)

The ONLY downside for me is that at Rhys’s stage now he is eating a lot of flavoursome foods so he would have been fine with some stronger flavours – however the wafers are meant for 6 months+ so a couple of months ago they would have been perfect for him!  Like I said though, Rhys is not a fussy eater and he scoffed the lot so he definitely didn’t find them to be boring!

Little yums are new from Plum baby and can be bought from Tescos for £2.49 a box which gives you 6 packets of 2 bars.


What snacks do you love for your little ones … and for you?

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