Rhys and Jasper’s Room Tour

Ever since joining Channel Mum back in March I’ve had ‘nursery room tour’ on my ‘to-vlog’ list; but I’d been putting it off. Back then we were living in the barn and the boys room was a work in progress, we had so many plans for it that I didn’t want to film a tour until it was ready. Well before we could make a real dent in our plans we moved to what I will call ‘Shit house’. Those you that know me know that I did not enjoy living in that house, I won’t go into it but the boys were in a pink floral room for the whole of three months that we lived there and I wasn’t about to film that was I!?

Well now that we’re settled in our new home we made it our priority to get the boys room done first. There’s still lots to do, I want to buy blinds as the curtains get caught behind Rhys’s super cool bed; I also want to buy a rug, lamp, lampshade and paint the walls white. Oh and hang up all of the pictures and prints we have. It seems a lot but the bulk of what I wanted to do has been done and I’m so happy with it!

I can’t call it a nursery anymore I don’t think; Rhys is 2 1/2 and Jasper is 1 1/2 so a toddler boys room it shall be. I started off with a loose theme of safari but not a cartoony “buy everything in one theme from the same shop’ kind of theme, I wanted that old fashioned safari theme. Think Jane and her family from Tarzan; hot air balloons, old fashioned aeroplanes and of course animals. I’ve managed to stick to this and I really love how it’s looking. I’ll be looking for a moroccan style rug and maybe a bamboo lamp to give it that safari tent camping effect – I’m probably talking bollocks so here is the tour; most items are listed in the description but please feel free to ask if there’s anything you want to know 🙂

Thanks for watching guys!




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