Rhys – 20 facts about me

Inspired by the recent ’20 facts about me tag’ going around social media, I thought I’d let Rhys and Jasper join in on the fun!

1- I was walking at 9 months aided and 10 months unaided
2- unlike most little boys, I love cleaning and own 2 hoovers!
3- I can say mum, dada, baba and dino
4- I have a baby brother called Jasper and a big brother called Cam who I love very much
5- I can use an iphone
6- I love my ziggy zebra toy
7- my daddy bought me a motorbike
8- I have a huge family including over 10 cousins!
9- one of my cousins has the same name as me!
10- my nickname is baby Rhys
11- I like to go for walks by the river
12- for Christmas last year I got a mini!
13- I had my first hair cut last week
14- my room is decorated like a jungle circus
15- my new garden is a huge field!
16- I love milky buttons
17- kissing my baby brother is my favourite
18- I look just like my daddy
19- I have big beautiful eyes
20- my latest habit is putting my finger up my nose

Keep your eyes peeled for Jaspy’s 20 facts!

Thanks for reading xx


  • Dianne
    31st August 2014 at 9:28 am Reply

    Thats brilliant. Its so lovely to keep a record of the things they can do x

    • Jessica
      5th September 2014 at 8:45 am Reply

      Definitely, it’s quick and easy too!

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