Relaxing during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a stressful time as it is but when teamed with other life stressors, oh my goodness do us mums-to-be just need some time for relaxing.

My pregnancy hasn’t been smooth sailing at all, the pregnancy itself has been wonderful but with lots going on in my family, marriage and general life I have had a MAJOR need for me-time, relaxation and a chance to de-stress.

I created this video at the peak of my stressful period as I’d had so many of my wonderful viewers contacting me to say they were going through similar experiences and many were asking how I was coping with it all. If you’re completely at a loss to what I’m talking about then please do head over to my youtube channel and watch some of my earlier pregnant cy updates, I’d say weeks 18+ as that’s when I open up a little more and explain exactly what’s been going on. I don’t want to repeat it all here and sound like a broken record, and I rarely write┬áblog posts for every video that I create so if you want to keep even more up to date with our lives then please do make sure your subscribed and of course say hey in the comments, I love to know who’s come over from my blog ­čÖéScreen Shot 2016-07-02 at 09.16.03

I won’t go into too much detail as I’ve said this all in the video ┬ábelow but the general gist of it is:

Yoga – This is something I’ve been loving for so many reason ns.┬áNot only is it a fab form of exercise but it helps to relieve lots of my back and pelvic pains, centres me, relaxes me, teaches me to be calm and breathe and also gives me that sense of me time.

Fresh air – This is so so important, not only for me but for baby. It helps that I already have Jasper as I hate the thought of him not getting fresh air everyday so he’s a good little driving force for us getting out and about. Whether it’s a trip to the seafront or simply pottering┬áin the garden, get outside, walk and just enjoy that fresh air; this will also help you with the next point …

Sleep – As difficult as this may be with family life or even simply just being pregnant, try and get enough. Get into bed early, lay in where you can and make the most of those maternity leave hours or older children being in school and nap. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture in some countries remember and tiredness mixed with pregnancy symptoms and stress does no good for you and bambini.

Me time – ┬áwhat’s that? I hear you say. I know, I know, this can seem impossible with busy daily lives but please make time for yourself. Whether it be a quick bubble bath once the kids are asleep, applying a face mask and watching GoT after a hectic day of work or even sticking to your daily health and beauty routine; make sure that you are taking care of yourself and having time away from everyone else to focus on yourself and baby.

Couple time – As important as me time, time with your other half. It’s so cliche but yes, once baby is here couple time is scarce. Go for date nights, switch off your phones and snuggle on the sofa, work through your bucket list of places to eat and visit because when little one arrives you’ll need to use the babysitter card or have a newborn in tow and wine tasting ain’t so fun with a newborn by your side!

Friend time – See your girls! I’m terrible for this and it’s one I really need to work on as if I’m not working or being mummy to Jasper I’m trying to fit time in for me and with Pete and my friends get neglected. You don’t need to see every friend each┬áweek, true friends understand the struggles of a busy lifestyle but try and do at least one thing with one friend a week; even simply┬áit be seeing an old uni friend for coffee this week and going shopping with a work friend next week.

Get organised – I’m a huge fan of to-do lists; I like to do something everyday to shorten those lists and I really feel so positive when I’m being productive. Each day I set myself mini targets, today for example I had a Skype meeting, 3 blog posts to write and some baby clothes to organise into sizes. They’re not huge goals, they’re doable and if I get all of that done then I’ve won today. I also try and do all of my daily to-do’s before I go to bed. If I wake up in the morning to a tidy living room, empty dishwasher and hung up clothes than I feel so much more relaxed than if I’ve gone to bed leaving it all to do the next day. It’s like starting with a clean slate each day and just takes the load off a bit.


Well that’s the general gist of it; like I said I go into more detail in this video so please do check it out and if you have anything to add I’d love for you to pop it in the comments below ­čÖé


Thanks for reading guys!
Jess x

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