Today I went for my flu jab as it’s recommended for preggo women in the winter. When I was there we had general chit chat, as you do, and she asked how far gone I was. When I told her I was 22, almost 23 weeks she not only asked where my bump was but said it was a tiny bump, the smallest 22 week bump she had seen!¬†Although I should have been flattered that people don’t think i’ve ballooned to a beef cake, I was slightly disappointed as only the day before I was told I had a pretty big bump!

I thought that she was maybe just being polite, but it wasn’t until I got home and looked in the mirror that I realised that my belly had indeed shrunk and I had a tiny bump! I think when I’m around strangers he buries into my pelvis or clings onto the inside of my back (kind of cute but annoying when I want to show of my little bump!)

I’ve also noticed that whenever he kicks, if I try and poke him back, or if I tell Pete or anyone else to put their hand on my belly to feel him, he stops! It’s almost as if he knows that I’m telling people to feel him. I think maybe he knows the difference between my pulse and other peoples too, as he’s more likely to keep moving when my hand is rested on my belly than when someone else’s is.

So I have come to the conclusion that my little Rabbit is shy, and prefers to kick and be seen and felt on his terms only! My little independent man! Let’s home he’s not this stubborn when he comes out!

Oh and for those of you that are concerned, the flu jab didn’t hurt and I can go about my day as usual. I’m saving my sympathy points for later in the pregnancy, don’t want to use them all up now!


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