Quick and easy meal ideas for kids

Rhys is not a fussy eater at all, in fact he’ll pretty much eat anything! The only thing is that his appetite isn’t that big. I’m sure it used to be, but that was when he was on jars and he could scoff a whole one in minutes!

Now that he’s on proper grown up food though, he doesn’t seem to eat as much.

I usually just give him a smaller portion of whatever we’re having, which is easy when it’s something like spag bol but not so easy when it’s a burger or something that you can’t really make smaller without wasting the leftovers.

Tonight I really fancied a jacket potato. It was just me and Rhys eating as Pete was out but all of the spuds I had were large and I knew he wouldn’t eat the whole thing. Then I came across Bannister’s Farm Littl’uns which are mini jacket potatoes.

They take 3 minutes in the microwave from frozen and taste just like they’ve been in the oven!

I made Rhys’s with tuna and sweetcorn ( had to take the opportunity to give him fish while his fish hating daddy was out!) and he loved it – although you can’t really tell from his face haha




With less than 5 minutes prep you can have a fab, healthy and filling meal for your little one which can have so much variety! I think I’ll try him on cheesey beans next time or maybe chilli!

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