Top tips for protecting babies skin during the colder months

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you may already know that Jasper suffered from eczema, dermatitis and just general dry skin from a really tiny age. We spent months going to see different nurses, doctors, paediatricians and dermatologists and after trying what seemed like a million creams, potions and lotions to no prevail we finally found the right routine for us. Jaspers skin cleared up so quickly so when Jenson my youngest’s skin began to show signs of dryness I immediately started the same regime with him.

What I seemingly thought was a coincidence though was that around the same time that I started using it on Jenson; Jaspers skin flared up again. Jensons also showed no sign of improving so my initial thought was that perhaps Jaspers skin had become worse with age and Jenson just had a different skin type to him.

After a few days of doing the same routine I’d been doing since we found Jaspers wonder product Aveeno cream, but with no change, I took both boys back to the doctors and honestly I felt pretty silly when she told me her initial thoughts on what could have been the problem.

Jenson was born in August and up until around November both him and Jaspers skin (with the help of his cream) was practically perfect. It was then, in November that it started to get worse and worse. The doctor suggested that the cold weather may have been the problem; that, and the fact that in a bid to keep them cosy and warm at night, plus to get Jenson into a bedtime routine, I’d started bathing them every night rather than my previous 2-3 nights a week. Skin, especially that of a babies which is much thinner than ours, is more susceptible to losing moisture and drying out quicker during the colder months from cold and dry outdoor air as well as indoor air and central heating. This draws out the natural moisture in the skin, so teamed with daily bathing which removes the skins natural oils along with the dirt; it really is no wonder that my boys skin had started to dry out.

I made changes to their routines immediately and although the benefits didn’t show over night; they happened really quickly and now my boys skin is back under control.

Another area of skin that is so important to look after is the nappy area. Nappy rash can be a problem so keeping my bambino’s bottoms dry is really important to me, and to them! It’s tough though with a busy mum life, so having a brand of nappies with healthy and happy skin in mind is a necessity. For me Pampers nappies are my go-to for happy bottoms because they keep them dry for up to 12 hours. They’ve got some fab technology that let’s you know when they need a nappy change like the wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue and are really great at drawing the soft poo away from their skin which can really irritate them.

As a die-hard Pampers user and member of the Pampers Baby Board I’m lucky that I know a thing or two about Pampers, and that the Premium Protection range is the only range of nappies recommended for use on newborns by the British Skin Foundation – if that isn’t reassurance I don’t know what is!

It also helps to have some trusty wipes on hand and New Baby Sensitive wipes are again approved by the British Skin Foundation, which I love, and have been dermalogically tested, which definitely makes me feel better when I have to clear up some of the mess they get themselves into!

Here are my top tips for avoiding dry skin on your babies during the colder months:

  • Layer – If your child gets too hot their skin could dry out so try to put them in more thin layers rather than less thick ones. It’ll make trips to soft play and the park much easier as you can ensure they’re still warm without overheating and getting dry skin.
  • Bathe less – As mentioned, water draws out the natural oils in the skin so either bathe less or try to use an emollient in the water that balances the skins natural pH levels.
  • Apply cream in downward strokes – Rather than rubbing cream in, apply it in downward strokes ensuring that there is still plenty of residue on the skin to work it’s magic and sink in over time
  • Apply cream frequently – Now please note that this does depend on the product you’re using so do check with your doctor or pharmacist first. Steroid creams for example need to be used very sparingly however there are many that work best the more they are applied – at every nappy change can be a great way to make it a habit.
  • Wear pjs inside out  – This will make sure that labels and seams can’t irritate the skin
  • wear tighter clothing – Especially at night time, put your child in thin leggings and if they insist of wearing their favourite Paw Patrol pjs then try a vest underneath, this helps to avoid heat building up between clothing and skin
  • Keep an eye on the weather changes –  You’ll hopefully notice a change in your little ones skin as the weather warms up but unfortunately you may also see it dry again as the weather heats up, and your little one is exposed to suncream and chlorine. Being aware of this though will help to know the cause of the dryness and be proactive from the first sign.
  • Keep at it – Things don’t work over night and as frustrating as it is you do often have to try something for at least a week or two to know if it’s going to work


I hope this has given you a little insight into how I deal with my boys dry skin and if you’ve been wondering why your littles ones skin has recently gotten dry then do consider the change in weather. If your little one suffers from dry skin I would totally recommend trying my tips above and really hope that they help!


As always if you have any tips and advice then please do leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x



•This post is sponsored by Pampers however all opinions are my own and we have always been avid Pampers fans!



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