Pregnancy Spa Day

You guys know that this pregnancy has been a little bit tougher on me physically than the last was. With SPD and sciatica I’m in a lot of pain daily and topped with the energy drained from an active toddler, emotions from daily goings on and my mind going overtime getting ready for this baby – spa days have been heaven for me!

No I don’t need an excuse to go for a spa day – who does? You guys know that I have them probably once a month or so and I know how fortunate I am to have the time and money to do this. What’s even more wonderful is when you can share it with someone who’s not only a wonderful chum but someone who is going through a similar life stage as you too!

Me and Sarah from This Mama Life decided to treat ourselves to a ‘mum to be’ spa day at the Macdonald Botley Park Hotel and it was just what we needed. Pete got me a voucher for Mother’s Day that I was itching to spend and when Sarah mentioned needing a spa day it was the perfect girls day!

Sarah is pregnant too (I’m sure many of you read her blog too and already know but if not head over and check her out!) she’s a few weeks behind me so we both went for the pregnancy packages. She’s also having a tough time at the moment, her lovely husband Robert has deployed for 6 months with limited communications so on top of dealing with a full time job plus vlog and blog career shes also flying solo parenting with an energetic 2 year old and going through pregnancy alone. Don’t get me wrong, she’s handling it like a champ but with early pregnancy health scares and a recent trip to the walk in centre after Isla ate a toilet duck (don’t ask) she definitely needed this day as much if not more than me!

So our day cost £120 each which included two hours worth of treatments each; split into a pregnancy massage and a Geleration manicure or pedicure. It also included full use of the facilities – swimming pool, sauna and steam room, gym and relaxation room. OF course we didnt use the gym, not because we’re pregnant but because a spa day is for relaxing and ain’t no one got time for that! Also included was a light lunch and refreshments through out the day (tea or coffee).

We arrived quite early to make the most of the day while the bambinos were at nursery and got straight into treatments. Sarah went first as there was only one therapist qualified to do the pregnancy massage in that day; so I laid by the pool and relaxed. I then met her in the relaxation room to find out how it was before heading off for mine; she said it was heavenly and she almost fell asleep and I could understand why!

The massage was amazing; consisting of a soothing facial and the perfect amount of pressure. I was perfectly propped up on a bed of pillows and half way through turned into my side for an amazing back massage! It helped that the room was so zen-like and just instantly relaxed me.

We then had lunch out on the patio, it was drizzling but warm so we popped our robes on and the umbrella up and sat beneath the rain drops eating sandwiches and drinking tea, feeling very regal! This was our first proper chance to chat as our treatments were staggered, so it was really nice to catch up on life – mainly bloody and vloggy life as well as family and pregnancy. It really is so nice to have girl time without the kids; as much as I love baby dates it really is difficult to truly catch up with a good friend.

After lunch I took to the sun loungers again and Sarah went off for her manicure. The pool area was lovely and quiet with no one but me for the most part. Dim lighting and the sound of running water made it all cosy and dreamy but it was quite warm in there (or could that have been the pregnancy hormones?) – nothing a dip in the pool couldn’t fix. My only negative was that there were no windows so it was very dark; which I can see the appeal of and as much as I love that when having a massage; I’d prefer something light and airy for relaxing by the pool.

I then had my gel pedicure so my feet were perfectly prepped for baby boys arrival – I don’t know why but that’s something I worried about when knowing there would be a midwife down that end – not my private parts but my feet haha

Well this is just a quick post; I really wanted to document the day and even started writing this while laid by the pool so I didn’t forget – typical me though I’m only now (weeks later) finishing it off! It’s so important to have me-time and girly time; especially as a mum and even more especially as a pregnant muma!


Have you taken time out since becoming a mum?


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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