Pregnancy food

How we fuel our bodies is so important at any stage of our lives but when we’re pregnant it’s not only us that we need to think of, it’s the little bambini’s we’re bringing into the world.

I’m not the healthiest of mumas, I do love to indulge in a late night packet of biscuits while watching Game of Thrones and I often forget to drink enough water throughout the day but I am trying to change this.

I always try to have a portion of fruit or veg in every meal whether it be banana on my cereal or broccoli with my salmon, and I rarely skip a meal no matter how stressed or uninterested in eating I am.

I think having a child already really helps because I can’t just not cook for Jasper and if I’m going to make him dinner I may as well cook up a larger amount and eat too. I’m really lucky that he eats pretty much everything and a lot of it, so I rarely have to make different meals for the both of us and apart from spices and seasoning I just prepare them the same way and add some spice to mine after.

I’ve been filming ‘what I eat in a day’ videos for a while now; not only to give other pregnant mumas some food inspiration but also for me to look back on and push me to keep being healthy.

Some days are really good days full of quinoa and avocados and others are microwaveable pasta and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate – this is the honest face of parenting right?

Here are my first two videos, please don’t forget to subscribe for more, I’ll be uploading one a week, maybe more if I have time!

Thanks for reading!

Jess x

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