Pregnancy favourites

At 37 weeks pregnant I’m pretty much at the end of my pregnancy journey and along the way I’ve picked up some wonderful bits and pieces that have soon become my pregnancy favourites. Some were obvious to me when thinking of what to include and others I hadn’t even realised I’d been using so religiously or relied on so much.

So without further adue, here are my pregnancy essentials:

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly – If you’ve been following my pregnancy journey then you’ll know I’ve been suffering really badly from SPD and Sciatica. The Upsie Belly has been a saviour for day to day living. I wear it under my clothes (or in this recent heat with just a bra and pants) and it relieves the pressure and supports my bump and lower back. It comes with a gel pack that can be popped in the freezer or the microwave depending on whether you prefer heat or cooling pain relief and I’ve found this gives instant pain relief especially if I’m laying down. The fab thing as well is once you’ve had your baby you can turn it around and use the heat/cool pad on your tummy to relieve any c-section or general post birth pains.DSC00556

HydrateM8 – I’m terrible for not drinking enough water especially as during pregnancy everything jut tastes like soap. I saw this HydrateM8 water bottle loads on social media from other bloggers and just had to try it out! It’s a 1 litre bottle and you’re supposed to drink two of them a day. It has handy hourly reminders to let you know it’s time to drink and when to fill up. Of course it is just simply a water bottle and it’s all psychological but hey, it works!DSC00664

Liz Earle Skincare – Liz Earle has been a firm favourite of mine for a long time now but sticking to my skincare regime throughout pregnancy has really helped to keep me sane. It’s my one bit of me-time that I can guarantee I’ll do every day as I can always spare myself five minutes morning and night and it’s such a simple yet effective routine to do. It makes me feel like I’m having a mini spa at home and leaves my skin feeling clear, refreshed and glowing. DSC08759

ASOS maternity yoga pants – I have a lot of maternity clothes that I’m loving at the moment but these are my all time favourites! They’re so comfy, go with most colours and, well, they’re just super comfy! I wear them all of the time, around the house, for the nursery drop off, to yoga and I never feel sloppy in them. The large waste band covers my bump perfectly but then folds down to give a nice rushed effect so I could definitely wear them after birth. DSC09334

Pregnancy Pillow – This has been my sleep companion for the majority of my pregnancy. With SPD and sciatica I don’t sleep well at all and having my pillow between my legs is so comfortable and eases my pains a lot!

Gel nails  – Bit of a random one but I just don’t have the energy the paint my fingernails and I can’t reach my toe nails comfortably anymore so I like to get my nails done every other week. My hair never bothers me but the two things that I hate going out with are last nights patchy make-up and chipped nails, so a good skincare routine and gelled nails are essential for me. I go for gelish or shellac depending on the salon and they usually last 2 weeks before I need to get them redone and that’s purely from regrowth rather than chip.

Crushed Ice – I’ve been craving ice since my iron levels dropped so glasses of crushed ice and fruity ice lollies are my current obsession! I have to be able to crunch it though so ice cream or large ice cubes that you need to lick rather than crunch just don’t do the job!DSC00541

Cooling spray – Aside from this recent heat, I’ve been getting hot flushes so my cooling spray has worked wonders. I keep one at my desk and carry one in my handbag for a quick cool off when I start to sweat!

Pelvic floors – This is something I never did when I was pregnant with Jasper or even the months after giving birth. I know the importance, I know the consequences but as I’d never had any kind ‘woops moments’ I just didn’t take it seriously. Well since being pregnant this time around I’ve admittedly had a couple of times where I’ve had to rush to the bathroom. Nothing ‘change your pants worthy’ but still, enough to scare me into practising like a nut! I actually filmed a pelvic floor video with Michelle Heaton a couple of weeks back and it’s made me a little obsessed with it. Of course, I’m prepared to need to go out and buy some incontinence products just in case, for the early days after labour at least!

Well those are my current pregnancy favourites, if I add any more in before this bambino comes then I’ll create an updated post but as it stands these are the things that are making my pregnant muma life comfortable and relaxed!

What are/ were your pregnancy favourites?


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


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