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It’s been a while since I’ve written an instalment in the potty training series and as it’s going so well I thought I’d share with you our top potty training products that have gotten us through as well as some other items we’d definitely try with the next bambini!

1- Fisher Price Duck Fun 3 in 1 Potty 

This has honestly been a godsend in our potty training journey. It’s a bit pricey at £59.99 but if it can make your potty training journey a smooth one then it’s definitely worth it! It looks like a duck, making it a bit of fun and it plays a tune when wee or poo hits the basin which is a fab reward if your child likes music! The seat is higher than most normal potties so I think it’s a good transition to a toilet, and you can close the lid to use it as a step for hand washing! The toilet bowl can be easily removed for emptying and it’s simple enough for your toddler to be able to do as well which is great for getting them involved in the whole process!DSC09258

2 – Toilet seats

Many parents prefer the idea of skipping the potty altogether and going straight for the toilet. This is for a number of reasons such as not needing to empty a toilet like you do the potty and only having one transition to make rather than teaching your child to use a potty and then teaching another new skill, the toilet. The only downside to this is that you need to be there to help them onto the toilet if they’re unable to get up themselves and of course, it’s not portable. We used a combination of both and Jasper transitions really easily so it’s a good idea to try a few variations and see what your child takes to better.

Detachable toilet seats are cheap and easy to use, you simply lift the lid of your toilet and pop it on. Your child can do it themselves and you don’t need to worry about their little bottoms slipping into the toilet. You can clean it if need be and pop it in a cupboard or down the side of the toilet for your little one to access easily.

You can also get more permanent ones that attach to your toilet. These are like normal toilet seats you’d buy but with an additional smaller seat between the lid and the adult seat. The benefit of this is that it’s always there and you simply need to lift the smaller one up to use the toilet yourself. The downside is that it’s slightly more expensive. In my opinion it looks nicer and means less clutter from storing the detachable one so it’s worth the extra money!

3 – Pants

Of course this is a given, you’re going to be putting your child in pants but try to make them exciting! Let your child choose them or surprise them with ones you know they’ll love – their favourite characters, their favourite colours etc. Make sure they’re easy for them to pull up and down themselves and don’t forget – too tight may be uncomfortable leaving themeless likely to want to wear them and too loose may either fall down or risk accidents leaking out much easier. We opted for a pack of Thomas the Tank engine ones for Jasper and then he chose a pack of Marvel ones. I also picked up some plain ones in different colours to go in his nursery bag as spares. He’s very particular with which pants he wear and I fear I may need to stock up on Hulk themed ones as he always asks for those lately!DSC09259

4 – Pull ups

Originally we planned not to use pulls ups. We personally saw it as a waste and thought it was better to go straight from nappies to pants, skipping out the ‘middle man’ but Jasper got so use to putting on his own pants that when he had naps and went to bed at night he wanted to be independent and do it himself. He can’t quite master putting on his own nappy (although ripping it off he can do one handed haha). He also loves the Spiderman design on the pull ups so we got those for night time. These can also be a good transition to before wearing pants; get your child use to the motion of pulling up their nappies so that when it’s time for pants they’re already familiar!

5 – Nappy sacks

Something all parents will have stocks of anyway but a vital thing for potty training. No you won’t be needing them for nappies any more but still keep them in your bag for soiled clothes in case of accidents while you’re out of the house. They’ll save your bag smelling like a toilet and are easy to rip open and empty out into the washing machine without touching wee or poo!

6 – Car seat insert

If like Jasper, your little one tends to fall asleep in the car, it’s a great idea to line their car seat in case of any accidents. We started using them in the beginning even if it were just a short journey and he was staying awake as we weren’t sure if he’d be able to hold it in from the time of telling us he needed the toilet, to us pulling over safely and getting him out of the car. You can use disposable changing mats or now that accidents are few and far between, we use a material car seat liner that you simply take out and wash to use again.

7 – Rewards chart

Admittedly this is something that we only used a handful of times and then stopped but it’s something that works so well for many children. You can buy pre-made ones or soapily make one yourself; I personally made a sticker chart whereby Jasper got a sticker after every successful potty/toilet trip and after he gained 5 stickers he got a treat like a packet of chocolate buttons. Even though I used his favourite characters for the stickers he just wasn’t interested, he was happy to do it for the praise and when the duck potty came along the music from that was reward enough.

8 – Books

There are a host of fab books that you can read with your child to get them excited for and used to potty training. Pirate Pete’s Potty and Princess Polly’s Potty are really simple and fun books which you can also watch on Youtube if they prefer to be online. You can also do activities with them like the Pirate Pete’s Potty sticker activity book and Princess Polly’s Potty sticker activity book .

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 18.14.38 Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 18.14.259 – Mini urinal

This isn’t one that we’ve used but I saw it on Emily Norris youtube and thought it looked awesome! If you have a boy you can get a mini urinal to stick to the wall in your bathroom so that they can copy Daddy doing a stand up wee; or simply to get them used to doing them. Jasper and Rhys just started doing them on their potties, I think after a few road side emergency stops where they had to wee standing up by the car but if your little one doesn’t quite get the hang of it then this could be a fab option!

10 – Travel Potty

For road trips and days out; or even if you’re popping to a friends who doesn’t have potty training children, it’s a great idea to pop a travel potty in your car or stroller. You can get some great designs with lids and handles that are easy to to empty so you don’t have to worry if your little one doesn’t like to go on the toilet or in a bush!

11 – Hand sanitiser

If you’re out and about and need to use a public toilet or you need to change smiled clothes then hand sanitiser is a must. get some that’s gentle for your little one too as Jasper tends to hold the toilet seat when he sits down and he puts his hands on the floor when he bends over for me to win his bottom – not fun in a petrol station toilet!

12 – Cleaning wipes and spray

Stock up on cleaning products. ‘d recommend getting a bulk load of Dettol wipes from Amazon and keeping a packet in pretty much every room of the house plus your car. You’ll want to use spray and blue roll for big spillages but for a quick wipe, especially on the go, cleaning wipes are so handy!

13 – Step

Having a step for your child to reach the sink after going to the toilet not only imprints a good routine of washing their hands afterwards, as well as promoting independence but it’s something a bit fun too! Jasper loves playing with water so if I can make sure he gets some soap on his hands and doesn’t soak the bathroom – all the better! You could also opt for some fun smelling hand soap like the strawberry laces or bubble gum one, this could act as a bit of a reward for going to the toilet!

14 – Waterproof sheets

Most kiddies have these on their beds anyway incase of nappy leaks or being poorly in the night but during potty training it’s even more necessary as pants and pjs wont soak up nearly as much as nappies and pull ups.


Well those are the products that we have either used and found useful or would love tot ry with our next baby boy! Please do check out the other parts to our potty training series:

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Don’t forget to stay tuned for potty training when out of the house, top tips and potty training at night!



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