Over the past couple of years I’ve made lots of conscious steps to living a much cleaner and greener life. I now use only natural beauty and cleaning products and my diet is predominantly vegetarian with a lot of vegan alternatives.

I’ve found that in doing so there’s been a bit of a knock on effect in other aspects of my life and I’ve automatically become a lot more conscious of the waste that we as a family create, predominately plastic waste.

Plastic bags are something that I swapped out months ago. I have bags for life in the boot of my car and in my handbag but ashamedly 90% of the time I forget them and end up buying more at the checkout ‘just that once’. I’ve always been aware that it’s better for the environment to opt for a bag for life or tote bag but it wasn’t until I did some research recently that I realised just how imperative it is to make the switch.

Did you know that plastic bags are among the 12 items of debris most commonly found in coastal clean ups; they’ve affected over 260 different species of animals who get caught up in them and with enough plastic bags to circulate the world 4200 times it’s no wonder right!?

On average a plastic bag is used for only 12 minutes but aside from the less than 3% of plastic bags that are actually recycled, once discarded they will remain on this Earth for 1000 years before they decompose.

Amazingly it only takes one person to use recycled plastic bags during their lifetime to remove 22,000 plastic bags from the environment which would just make such a huge impact and as it’s international #PlasticBagFreeDay today I’ve got a perfect way for us all to make that impact!

If you’re a lover of Tropics natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare products then for every order over £20 made on my web shop you will receive a free Tropic branded tote bag. Not only will you be giving your body the natural goodness that it needs and saying no to animal cruelty but you’ll be helping to beat plastic pollution!

Simply head to www.tropicskincare.com/jessicaavey and make an order of £20 or more and you’ll have your new tote bag alongside your new products. If you’re stuck for ideas for things to buy then I’ve just shared some suggestions for products ranging from £20-£28 on my Instagram if you follow me over on @tropicbyjessicaavey.

I’d love to know in the comments any tips you have for reducing plastic waste – I’m always looking for alternative products!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

*I am a Tropic Ambassador so I earn commission from any sales made on my web shop

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