Planning a hen do; as you guys probably know from my experience, isn’t always the easiest of tasks. With one of the biggest days in your life fast approaching; you need to be focusing all of your energy on your wedding day so getting stressed out about your hen do simply won’t do. Here are 5 simple steps to ensuring you have the most wonderful hen do with none of the stress.

1) Delegate

Unless you’re one super organised bride to be, make the most of your bridal party and delegate the role of hen do planner. If one of your ladies asks you if you need any help or if you want them to take over – scream YES!! This was my vital flaw. I said ‘no, don’t worry about it’. I didn’t want to be a burden I didn’t want to be bossy but you know what, it’s YOUR wedding. If you can’t ask your friends for help now then when can you?

If you don’t trust your bridal party or they’re simply too busy/far away to help out then try a hen/stag do organisation company. There are plenty out there like The stag and hen experience  who will plan your travel, activities, payments – everything; saving you time and a lot of stress!

2) Be clear

You may have passed over the responsibility but if you’re thinking of a relaxing spa break and you’re worried that your party animal bestie is going to take you on a rampant night out with inflatable willies and shots, shots, shots – say something! Your idea of a perfect hen do might be completely different to someone elses no matter how good a friends you are. Let them know your preferences, maybe select three ideas so that if one of them isn’t available you’re still set to getting the hen do of your dreams and it’ll still be a semi surprise.

3) Assess your expectations

Saying that, don’t put too much pressure on it to be 100% as you envisaged. In fact, don’t envisage it at all. Go in with an open mind and know that whatever your hens planned, they did so because they thought/ knew you would love it; even if you’d have chosen a shabby chic badge over a fluffy tiara!

4 ) Let it go

When your great Aunt complains that there are no vegetarian options at the restaurant or that her massage was too hard … let it go. When your second cousin calls up the day before to say she’s not heard back from the ‘chief organiser’ re parking spaces at the venue … let it go. When you see your bridesmaid sneaking a huge shopping bag from the joke shop into her car … let it go. Equally when she tries to put you in a morph suit in the middle of a night club … let it go! You only live once, this is your only hen do so just go with it.

5 ) Use it for what it is – a send off

So what if it’s not the restaurant you’d choose or the spa venue you’d prefer to stay at. As long as you and all of the women that mean something to you are in one place, that’s all that matters. It isn’t a case of having to be the best, it’s about being sent off to married life from the ladies that love you most!


So there you have it, my top tips on planning (or not planning) your hen do. I hope you found them useful as a bride and if you’re a bridesmaid about to plan a hen do or if you’re a bride to be braving planning your own then let me know and I can offer some top tips there!


Thanks for reading 🙂

Jess x


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