Picnics and cathedrals

I haven’t shared a ‘what we’ve been up to’ style post for a while so I thought I’d share a lovely little day out that we had at Chichester cathedral recently. We’re only about a half an hour drive from Chichester but I’m pretty sure that I’d never been there until this weekend which is so crazy as, well you’ll see it’s pretty darn spectacular!

We met our favourite chums, my bridesmaid, Pete’s groomsman and our boys bestest friend and had a scrumptious picnic in the grounds of the cathedral. It was a gloriously sunny and warm day so we headed through the walled gardens to the Bishop’s Palace Garden and picked a spot right by the vista and pergola walk. The sun was shining, the smell of flowers was delicious and the sound of birds chirping and children giggling was beautiful – it was one of those very rare playdates where nothing is stressful, everything is calm and not even a tantrum could dampen the blissful mood!

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The kiddies had so much fun exploring and I just feel so content when they’re at one with nature. Of course being outside at a play park is wonderful for children but I find that there’s something even more satisfying when you’re child is simply using their imagination –  no play equipment to occupy them simply rolling down hills and watching the bumble bees.

If you’re in the Hampshire, West Sussex area then I would definitely make a trip to Chichester, you could spend all day in the Palace Gardens but the rest of the cathedral is so impressive and the city is very quaint with a lovely array of boutique shops and bistros as well as all the high street stores you could need … except for Zara … got to have a Zara right!?

Check out my vlog below for our whole weekends antics – there’s some crazy dancing from the boys and some adorable brotherly moments!

Have you been to Chichester before? Would you recommend anywhere similar in the area?


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