Phil&Teds Voyager Stroller Review

As a muma of multiples, road testing a double stroller to me is like my husband Pete road testing a car – heaven! Finding a single pushchair I’m sure is a tough enough job but when you need to consider your pushchair being right for two little ones, especially of different ages, it becomes an in depth and tricky process!

That’s why I’m so pleased to share with you the all new Phil&Teds Voyager stroller with Double kit. It comes as a single pushchair to be used from birth but with the double kit and a few clicks can accommodate a variety of different positions for multiples – now that’s versatility!

The RRP for the Phil&Teds Voyager is £599 and for the Voyager plus double kit is £748. What’s fab is you can purchase the double kit separately if you have one child but are thinking of having another in a few years and don’t want to buy the whole lot straight away.

Phil&Teds Voyager – What’s in the box?

  • Pushchair chassis – lightweight aluminium frame with 10kg capacity parcel tray
  •  2x 12 inch aeromaxx puncture proof rear wheels
  • 2×8 inch aeromaxx puncture proof front wheels
  • Mud guards for rear wheels
  • Main seat unit with luxury fabric and 5 point harness
  • Bumper bar
  • Large Sunhood

Phil&Teds Voyager Double Kit – What’s in the box?

  • Seat unit with 5 point safety harness
  • Sun canopy with zip-out extension
  • removable footrest reinforcement


You can also get a range of add-ons including:

  • Voyager storm cover – £20
  • Voyager double kit storm cover – £20
  • Car seat adapters – £29-£39
  • Snuggle and Snooze sleeping bag – £55
  • Buggy food tray – £10
  • Reversible liner – £30
  • Voyager Sun cover – £25
  • Voyager double kit sun cover – £25
  • Shade stick stroller umbrella – £25


 Here are the combinations available to you:

  • Single carseat
  • 2x car seats
  • Single bassinet
  • 2x bassinets
  • Single toddler seat world facing
  • Single toddler seat parent facing
  • Toddler seat world facing plus double kit toddler seat world facing
  • Toddler seat parent facing and double kit world facing
  • Car seat and basinet combo
  • Car seat and toddler seat combo
  • Basinet and toddler seat combo


• Weight: Single: 12.9kg
              with Double Kit: 15.9kg
• Folded Size: Chassis (cm): L89 x W66 x H33
• Open Size (cm): L113 x W60 x H113cm
• Suitability: Main seat upright: 20kg
                  Main seat bassinet: 9kg
                  Double Kit upright: 15kg
                  Double Kit bassinet: 9kg

Set up:

This was the easiest pushchair I’ve ever set up. When I first looked at the instructions and saw pictures without words I panicked but once I had everything laid out I realised I didn’t need the words – it was as simple as a few clicks.

DSC00285 DSC00286 DSC00289


With a handbrake on the right side of the handlebars it’s simple to lock the pushchair in position. Push the red bar up to line with the green dot to take off the brakes and pull it down to the red dot to turn them on. It took a bit of getting used to as I’ve been using the Bugaboo Donkey Duo which has foot brakes but I haven’t had any runaway pushchair accidents yet! The only thing is if I’m carrying something like a drink or my phone or camera I find it a bit tricky to then hold the stroller still while I turn on the brake.DSC00290

 Adjustable handlebar – There are three different handle bar positions, the one shown in the picture, a mid level one and then the raised height which aligns with the chassis. I’m 5ft 3 and find the mid level position to be the most comfortable for me. It’s really simple to adjust you simply squeeze in the buttons on the inside of the bars where they join too the chassis and pull up or down.DSC00291

Large basket – This is perfect for storage when you’re using the stroller as a single, it’s really large ad can easily fit a changing bag, picnic blanket and probably a few bags of food shopping! The only thing is once the double kit seat is attached you can’t really use this space to it’s full capacity if at all, so it’d be worth using buggy straps to hang your changing bag on the handlebars.DSC00292

Large sun canopy – The stroller has a really large luxurious hood so no sun with be getting in your bambinos eyes that’s for sure! It also has a large pocket on the side which could easily accommodate a phone, purse, camera etc – all your parenting essentials! Plus there’s a headphone Jack if you fancy listening to some tunes while you stroll.
DSC00294 DSC00295

Mud guards – Not only are these perfect for keeping your pushchair clean and mud free but they’re also a big safety plus. When you have the double kit on these protect your little ones fingers from touching the wheel if they try to reach them.DSC00296

Adjustable straps and 5 point harness -The straps can be adjusted at three different heights, Jasper is currently using the middle level and as you can see has plenty of growing room. The seat has a 5 point harness which although has it’s pros in terms of safety I actually dislike purely because they’re so fiddly to do up (not just this stroller, any 5 point harness in general). It just takes a little longer to do than a 3 point harness and means a bit more adjusting but that’s no big really.


Versatility – with such vast combination of positions you’re set from one newborn right through to two toddlers of different ages. This means you’ll only ever need to buy this one stroller and double kit to see you through to ‘too big for a stroller’ age. I also love that toddlers can be world or parent facing – that’s a big plus!

Folding – You can fold the stroller with both toddler seats attached which is perfect. Depending on your boot size (I drive a Mercedes C class and it fits in perfectly) it stores away with ease and it even stands up on it’s own while folded.

Assembly – This was so so easy to assemble, and even to change around to different seating combinations.

Practicality – I love the large storage basket and canopy pocket. The large sun hood and adjustable handle bar height.


5 point harness – purely for personal preference

No storage basket once double seat is attached

Quite heavy – at 12.9kg single and 15.9kg with the double kit t’s not the lightest, but then I am quite weak haha

Jasper and Rhys love this stroller, they both fight over the lower seat position as it’s a cool alternative to what they’re used to. They love being able to pass each other toys or their bottles from above or below! It’s also great to have for when friends come over to pop their little ones in especially if it’s compatible with their car seats! DSC00316DSC00402 DSC00405

If you’re looking for an all in one stroller to see you through from newborn to toddler, single or double than this is definitely a great option! I never really liked the idea of a tandem stroller before as I always thought the child on the bottom would be squished and not be able to see anything but after trying this out I really love the concept. I also love how slim it is at 60cm wide, which makes a nice change to my side by side strollers I’ve got. If you do prefer a side by side than why not check out my review of the Cosatto To and Fro Duo Pushchair and stay tuned for my Bugaboo Donkey Duo review coming soon!

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Disclaimer – I was very kindly sent this stroller by the wonderful team at Kidly – a new baby store launching this year. All opinions are my own. 


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