An Organic Bedtime

I start every organic product review with this line but I’m going to say it again ‘I’m a lover of all things organic’. Ok, I might not actually start it with those exact words before you go and check but it’s usually along those lines ok!?

I try to only use organic skin, face and hair care products so naturally (get it) I only like to use them on the boys. I don’t want to wrap them in cotton wool; of course they need to be exposed to things otherwise they’ll build up no resistance and have super sensitive skin; however I do try to keep things as clear as possible, especially with Jaspers newborn skin.


So, bath time being the only time that I ever put anything on the boys; here are my top organic bedtime products.


Organic Babies – Baby wash and Shampoo. This smells delicious and is super gentle on their skin.

Lovey’s Tushi Stick* – I was recently sent this to review and I must say I’m a fan. ┬áBeing a stick you don’t risk spreading germs as there’s no need to use your fingers; this also means so mess!


The Tushi stick can also be used on eczema, windburns and scrapes which is great however I don’t think I’d rub it on another part of his body after it had been rubbed all around his bum – even though he has a squeaky clean scrummy bum!


I then give Jasper a massage using his Tiddleypoms Organic Massage Oil


and smother him in the Tiddleypoms Organic Soothing Lotion – something I’d rather love for myself!


Being consistent with this has really helped to improve Jaspers sleeping pattern; especially the Soothing Lotion as it contains lavender which is extremely calming!

What organic baby products would you recommend?




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