One week in

Well baby boy has been Earth side for one week now and what a magical week it has been! We still haven’t named him, much to everyones dismay. We have 6 weeks before we need to register him though, and he’s going to have his name for the rest of his life so I think it’s okay to take our time to make sure we’re certain.

So far we love Arlo, Jenson, Ralph and Atticus. Pete loves Bear and it’s become his nickname so we’re toying with the idea of Arlo Bear or Jenson Bear to incorporate it somehow.

So at one week, I thought I’d write a little day by day of how our first week has been; I won’t do this every week but those first few days are just so magical that I don’t want to forget a thing!

Day 0 – Born on Sunday the 14th of August at 6;24am weighing 8lbs12, he arrived with a bang (labour story to come). We spent the whole day and night in hospital, having delicious newborn snuggles and snoozing away on and off (mainly baby and Dada as I was too high on adrenaline and too in awe of him to put him down and sleep). I had to stay in bed till 4pm as I had a catheter fitted and compression things on my legs so it was a really relaxed day, if not a little frustrating as I had to ask people to pass me everything and just wanted to have a shower and get clean!

We had babies Bounty pictures done which I need to get around to buying and kept visitors to a minimum with only Grandma, Granddad and Aunty Heidi coming to say hello. Baby boy breastfed really well on his first day and was even said to have ‘the best latch on the ward’ by one of the midwives! We stayed over night in a private room as the ward was quite busy and on his first night he woke every 3 hours or so and was just such a calm and chilled out baby it was like a dream.DSC09322

Day 1 – Daddy brought Jasper in to meet his little brother; he loved him instantly and after our checks which we passed with flying colours, we got to go home. I got a little emotional leaving the hospital, I guess from the realisation that we didn’t have midwives on hand and also that our new family dynamic was about to begin.

We had a few more visitors on our first day home, big brother Rhys and then some of Petes family, Aunty Michelle, Nanny and Granddad. Our first night was pretty bad, feeding had gotten really painful and after waking at 1am to me in tears Pete went to the shop to pick up some formula bottles and dummies. Baby boy had two bottles, my boobs got a rest and as guilty as I felt, I knew I just needed a few hours rest to get my boobs back in shape! DSC09362 DSC09343

Day 2 – I went back to feeding in the morning and even though it was still painful the break had definitely helped! All baby boy did was sleep, feed and snuggle and it was pretty wonderful! He started lifting his head up just like his brother did on day 3 – such a strong boy! His eyes also got a little gunky but not red and sore so I wasn’t concerned and just put breastmilk on them. On our second night he fed at 11pm, 3am and 6am and took to a dummy between feeds if he got unsettled. It was a much easier night!DSC09377 DSC09446

Day 3 – A little milestone – his cord fell off! I kept Jaspers in his memory box for some reason but decided against it this time! We had baby boys first midwife appointment, she said that he had only lost 5% of his body weight at 8.4lbs which is pretty amazing and gave me a bit of a confidence boost with my feeding! She advised me to use a cup or syringe if we were going to use formula or expressed milk as well as breast feeding just incase baby boy got lazy using a bottle. She also recommended not using a dummy and feeding more regularly at 2-3 hours rather than waiting for him to wake every 4-5 hours. That night he cluster fed a bit before we settled down for the night and then fed every 3 hours or so throughout.DSC09465

Day 4 – On day 4 Pete had to go to a meeting so was out for most of the day. I hadn’t really left the house so felt a little overwhelmed and emotional, especially as Jasper was playing up a little bit and my milk had come in. I managed to get out of the house to visit my parents and sister and felt so much better for getting both boys ready and out the door by myself!  Baby boys skin started to get a bit peely and his eye a bit more gunky so I used some coconut oil on his skin and more breastmilk on his eye. DSC09485 DSC09477DSC09497

Day 5 – We had our next midwife visit and baby boy had his heel prick test which he didn’t enjoy! I started to feel like I had the flu and my boobs got really engorged with hot, red patches so I knew I had mastitis. The midwife got me some antibiotics and told me to express as much as I could off each boob then feed off each just to completely drain them. I managed a whole bottle on each and it instantly helped!

The midwife also told me it was okay to use a dummy as it can actually reduce the risk of SIDS and said that if I wanted to use a bottle it was fine, a fed baby is a happy baby and to just do what I felt was right. I switched to using cool boiled water on his eye and left his skin as it wasn’t sore and was assured it would jsut clear by itself.

Weight wise he had gone up to just 2 ounces under his birth weight at 8lbs 10oz which again was a great confidence boost that our feeding was going well!DSC09512

Day 6 – My mastitis feeling started to go and my bleeding had slowed right down as well so I was feeling a lot better and more like myself! My tummy had also gone down pretty quickly so one week postpartum I was feeling pretty good. Baby boy slept really well, waking every 4 hours and as my boobs weren’t engorged anymore and he’d put so much weight on I followed his lead.


Well that’s our first week and what a wonderful one it was! I will keep up with the weekly updates but not as in depth as this one. Please do head over and check out our one week video,

Thanks for reading!


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