Nutrition in those first 1000 days*

As Jasper’s 2nd birthday is drawing nearer, this soppy muma, as I’m sure all us soppy muma’s do when a milestone is approaching, is reflecting on her little bambinos journey so far and how quickly it has all gone.

It’s so crazy for me to read back through previous blog posts and watch old vlogs and see just how much Jasper has grown. I’ll watch in amazement his first steps or read about how excited I was when he first slept through the night (13 months and 6 days old to be precise) and I can literally feel my emotions flooding back.

What’s different now though, is that I can piece together his development like a puzzle; slotting together my parenting decisions with his development. I can see in one video me rocking him to sleep every night and then witness in the next video how I’ve made a rod for my own back. I can watch my non stop chattering away to him at the supermarket and then read about how amazing his speech has developed and link the two together.

I watch my struggles with breastfeeding in one video, tears, meltdowns and all; and then the next week I watch his smiley chubby cheeks as he rolls over for the first time.  I never thought at the time, ‘well done Jess, those few painful moments are what gave him the strength to develop his muscles, coordination and skill to make his next milestone’; but now I know.

In the blur of motherhood I didn’t make the connections. We live in the moments, blurry eyed stress one minute and manically happy tears the next. It’s not until after, when we’re onto the next stage in our lives that we look back and say ‘yea I did that’.

This has really got me thinking about how important our decisions are as mothers, and that although we may not see the outcomes straight away, we will see them in one way or another and it’s still so so important to make the right ones from pregnancy and beyond.

I’m working on a really exciting project at the moment with SMA Nutrition and their spokesperson Dr Ellie Cannon – a media doctor who wants to help promote a better understanding of protein and its effects on a baby’s development. The importance of protein in a baby’s first 1000 days of life is key. I know that sounds like a huge amount of time, but that’s only from conception to their 2nd birthday and it really is a significant time in their lives.

How your little one develops during this stage is crucial to their future growth and later health outcomes and gaining the right nutrition and protein has a profound impact on their development.

Second to water, protein is the most abundant component in the body and research has found that breast milk protein is an especially amazing kind. Breast milk changes to suit your baby’s developmental needs, the protein level is higher when they’re younger as they need to grow at a faster rate, but as their growth slows down the amount of protein decreases. How amazing is that!? Seriously, I just thought that breast milk provided the right nutrients but was always the same; to think that it’s tailor made to suit your baby’s age and development is seriously amazing!

If like me you’re not too clued up on the benefits of protein and simply thought it was what body builders need to get pumped in the gym; here are just some of the ways it aids in our development.

  • Builds the body, muscles and brain. Essential for the growth and repair of the body
  • Helps both the immune system and digestive system to develop.
  • And the right quality & quantity of protein helps your baby to grow steadily, helping to reduce their chance of overweight and obesity later on in life.

Of course I don’t want to be that ‘breast is best’ high horse ranty mother. I am a firm believer in a fed baby is a happy baby, whichever way they are fed. I truly understand the struggles or even simply the personal choices that mothers make not to breastfeed, heck, mastitis and tongue tie conquered me after 8 weeks, so trust me, I do not judge!

Now if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of the right quantity and quality of protein in early life nutrition then please do pop a question below. Maybe you’re pregnant and want to make sure you’re giving your baby the best start before they’re born. Perhaps you’re breastfeeding at the moment and want to make sure your little one is getting the best out of it?

I’ll be choosing some of the questions to pass over to Dr Ellie Cannon and they’ll be answered right back here in a new post.

I really hope you mumas found this as useful and interesting as I did and can’t wait to hear your questions 🙂


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

*This post is in association with SMA Nutrition







  • Bella
    19th February 2016 at 8:23 am Reply

    I’m a huge fan of SMA Jay’s been drinking formula since he was 8 weeks old and now lives both Cows milk and SMA3. Great post I was wondering whether I should continue with SMA. He is turning 2 next month eek! Hope you’re feeling well xx

    • Jessica
      9th March 2016 at 9:31 am Reply

      Ahh I can’t believe he is 2, Happy Birthday little Jay! That’s a fab question, I’ll pass it along 🙂

  • Lilypod and Sweetpea | nutrition
    8th April 2016 at 9:45 am Reply

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