Transitioning to the nursery with MoKee*

Jenson is 10 weeks old now and  although we wont won’t be moving him into his own room for some time, I have been thinking about the transition and how we can make it as smooth as possible. You see Jasper slept in with us until he was around 13 months old because he just wasn’t a good sleeper and quite frankly it was easier for us to attend to him in our room than having to go too far!

Although I love having Jenson right next to me in the bedside crib and I know I’ll miss falling asleep to his mini snores I really don’t want to fall into that same pattern again and therefore want to do what I can now to make sure that when the time is right; Jenson goes off into his own room with little fuss. Not to mention he’s such a big boy I don’t think he’ll be in the bedside crib for as long as we expected and I want to be prepared rather than one night him not fit into it anymore and me have to move him with little preparation.

1- Practise runs

The nursery isn’t complete yet but I try to put Jenson to sleep in his cot in his nursery as possible so that when the time is right it wont be a big shock to him. We have a MoKee cot which is known as a mini cot due to it being slightly smaller than the average size. It’s 124cm x 64cm so doesn’t feel like a big scary vast space compared to the bedside crib that he’s used to and it’s also fab because it saves space in a small room. It comes in a selection of gorgeous shades and we went for Stone Grey – oh my isn’t it beautiful? (Pete things it looks like a prison cell but I think it’s stunning!). As the MoKee cot has 8 height options and turns into a toddler bed it means that there will only be one bed transition for him until he’s around 3 when we get him a larger bed so that’s reassuring to know.

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I put Jenson in there for his daytime naps and sometimes put him to sleep in their in the evening and then bring him into our room when we go to sleep. I also lay him in their while I tidy his room and put clothes away but I’m warey of doing this too much as I don’t want him to think of it as a place to play and then not sleep in it!

Jenson always sleeps in his Sleepyhead which can be taken just about anywhere so using that helps him to feel comfortable and when he’s in his cot he probably thinks he’s still in his bedside crib in our room!

2 – Routine, routine, routine!

Another way we’re preparing him for a smooth transition is by sticking to a routine. I’m lucky that having Jasper and Rhys already means we have a loose routine in place at night time so Jenson slots right into that. I figure if we stick to bath, boob and bed every night then when he goes into his own room he’ll only be changing one element to his routine and hopefully wont find it too unsettling.

I also put Jenson to bed in the same way each night which will *hopefully* continue when he’s in his own room. After his bath I dim the lights, play his Ewan the Dream Sheep lullaby and give him a massage with lavender lotion. I then get his pjs on, pop him in his sleep bag, feed him and put him in his sleepyhead awake, leaving him with his Whisbear white noise to fall asleep by himself. This doesn’t always go to plan but I try to stick to it and hope that if I do the same when he’s in his own room he’ll be fine!

3 – Same settings

Jenson likes to go to sleep in darkness with a bit of light and because our room has thick blackout curtains and a dimmer switch light I made sure to get blackout blinds for his nursery and a lamp so that he has a small amount of light.

4 – No turning back

Lastly I’ve popped Jaspers old nursing chair in his nursery so that if he wakes for a feed I can feed him in his room rather than bringing him into my room which may make him want to stay in there!


These are just some ways that we’ve either started to use or plan to use when the time is right. Did you prepare your little one for the transition in advance or simply go for it one night?


Thanks for reading!

Jess x


*We were kindly sent the MoKee cot free of charge for the purpose of an honest review – all opinions are my own!

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