Nonabox December Review

We’ve been working with subscription service Nonabox since Jaspy was born and it’s always been a lovely treat to receive the rabbit printed box through the post every month. We’ve had some hits and some misses and unfortunately I have found that more recently the majority of items have been either for the wrong age, gender or just not too exciting. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always something that I like in the boxes and if it’s not something that Jaspy will use then I can always find a friend to pass on to; but I haven’t had a box in a while that really wowed me.

Here’s what our December included:


Summer Nasal Aspirator – Getting anywhere near Jaspys nose is a military operation but I’ll keep hold of this one for the next bambino; those boogers are a nightmare!

Born Free Twist’n Pop Straw Cup – Jaspy is still using a teat bottle but I’ve been meaning to get him onto a sippy cup an straw for a while now. I want him to be able to drink from anything and this size looks good for his hands to grip.

Quinola Mothergrain – Until recently Jaspy has been a fussy eater. He’s only eaten vegetable puree if it’s had fruit mixed with it but the last few meals he’s eaten his meat and veg with no fuss! If I’d received this swede, parsnip, carrot and quinoa flavoured puree a week ago I’d have put it to the back of the cupboard but now I know Jaspy’s a keen foody – I’ll definitely give it a go! Plus it’s organic – result!

Multi-Mam Balm – As I’m not breastfeeding I can’t try this but the fact that it doesn’t need to be washed off before breastfeeding is great! I only ever found Lanolin with the same quality so it’ll be great to keep for baby numero 2!

Multi-Mam Compresses – from the same brand as the breastfeeding balm, these compresses treat sore nipples and prevent infection. Again, I can’t try them yet but hopefully it won’t be too long #feelingbroody

MAM Anti Colic Bottle – Jaspy never had colic thanks God but I know how hard it makes life for mums of those bambinos that do! This is definitely something I’d try if the next baby has colic!

Petiotes Grow Grain Hair Clip – Having a boy, I can’t get away with using this (as much as I’d love to; but I did pass it onto my friends baby girl Halle and I must say it looked super adorable!
Do you try subscription boxes? If so, do you find them hit or miss?
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