Non-Pinterest Mum Halloween Treats

I hate to admit it, but I’m no Pinterest Mum. Yes I pin away till my hearts content but when it comes to making things I’ve lost my mojo. For some women, becoming a mum turns them into crafty creatives but sadly not me! I still love to give it a go, I just stick to simple tasks or prepare myself for a ‘Pinterest Fail’.

SO with Halloween but two days away I thought I’d share with you my super quick and easy, toddler friendly Halloween snacks. They’re healthy (mostly), perfect for party food and are honestly the simplest things you’ll make this spooky time of year!



These are without a doubt the easiest, you need one ingredient, one tool and theres one step. Have a go, they’re perfect for lunch boxes, easy to transport and practically fool proof!



Again, so so simple! Two ingredients you’ll probably already have at home and two easy peasy steps! Plus they’re super healthy!



A little bit more fiddly to make but I have faith in you! Crunchy cracker spiders can be adapted in loads of ways, try oreos and mikado sticks for sweet versions or opt for twiglets to avoid salted pretzels.



These are the least healthy of them all due to the toppings but the centre is an apple so …. it’s okay right? Swap the toppings for frosting, melted chocolate, fudge sauce – anything your heart desires! For a healthy twist try cream cheese and tiny pieces of fruit or nuts!

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