Capturing these moments

Every morning I look at Bear and I can’t quite believe how quickly he’s changing. It really does seem to be daily that I notice his skin being clearer, his eyes wider, his whole face and body shape changing and it makes me want to wrap up these moments, capturing them to┬ápop into a time capsule to relive over and over. Well I guess that’s what this is for, my blog started as my space to capture my pregnancy with Jasper and although it has continued to do so, it’s kind of lost it’s way a little and changed direction. It’s now more of a mum space; a place to vent, update, review and collaborate with brands. I love that of course; it’s what turned my hobby into my job but I do want to steer it back to its original purpose a little. I want to post baby spam; posts like this that have no real purpose other than to share some pictures that I took of Bear today that I absolutely adore.

It’s funny, I inserted the pictures before I even knew what I would write about. At first I thought it could be a style post, talking about the gorgeous Next baby sleep suit he’s wearing but then I realised most of the shots are of his face and don’t actually show much of the outfit at all. So I figured I’d just write and hope for a somewhat put together blog post. It may be rambly but hey that’s what blogs are about right?

So without waffling anymore, here are some unedited pictures of Bear. 5 weeks and 2 days old. Dark blue eyes, pouty lips and chubby cheeks.
dsc00531 dsc00533 dsc00534 dsc00535 dsc00538 dsc00541 dsc00542 dsc00544 dsc00545 dsc00546 dsc00549 dsc00550

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