Okay I’m pretty ashamed to admit this, but I never knew that Next had a maternity range. Where have I been? I mean seriously, it’s one of the hugest fashion retailers and I never thought to look there for bump hugging pieces? Luckily for me the wonderful team got in touch to see if I’d like to try anything out from their Summer collection and after a quick browse I had a huge wish list … which I narrowed down to a couple of faves!

I’m definitely more of a plain Jane when it comes to clothing. I like neutral colours and if I go for a bold colour it would certainly almost always be plain with no pattern; I don’t know why I think I just find it easier to accessorise that way and feel like I’ll get more use out of something simple. HOWEVER, I was really drawn to this BLUE KNIT MAXI DRESS in yellow,blue, navy, lime green and white stripes!

I think during my pregnancy I wanted to try everything I hadn’t the first time around and that I may never get to try again so I really pushed out of my comfort zone. You’re probably thinking, it’s not even that bright Jess, and you’re right, as soon as I opened it I loved it as much as when I first caught site of it online. The ribbed material is super comfy, the slit on the side makes it easy to chase Jasper around the garden in and the colours make it a style piece on it’s own without needing any bold jewellery or jazzy sandals to dress it up. It’s been worn out to lunch with friends and to the splash pool with Jasper (rolled up and tucked into my knickers admittedly haha).
DSC09007 DSC09008 DSC09009 DSC09010

Next up I went back to my simple ways and chose this GREY RIB DRESS which retails at only £12! It’s short sleeved t-shirt style makes it super casual but dressed up with some nice jewelled sandals and a bright lip it’s really sleek and perfect for drinks (non-alcoholic of course) at the marina. It’s bump hugging without looking skin tight and what I love is that it goes in below the knee with a little band so it doesn’t just fall straight down. It just gives it a wonderful shape which you may not be able to really appreciate in the pictures but check out my look book below and you’ll see what I mean!
DSC09015 DSC09017 DSC09018

Next up they sent over some smarter clothing. Now as you know I work from home so office wear isn’t really my style but I thought it would be great to show how some smarter pieces can be styled to suit a more casual day-to-day look and I was kind of up for a challenge!

Firstly this BLACK FABRIC MIX MATERNITY DRESS  for £24. It’s cut is so simple that it’s definitely a day to day dress but the mixed fabric gives it a bit of edge which can smarten it up for work or even going out on the town!
DSC09027 DSC09030

Next up (get it?) is this White Shirt for £22. Now this I did worry I wouldn’t be able to rock as let’s face it; a white shirt is a pretty formal piece of clothing. I went for a completely different style to my usual and teamed it with my Next maternity black jeans, Kurt Geiger pumps, a mum bun and a red lip. The fit of the shirt, where it is slightly longer than your standard shirt and made to hug a bump, gives it a bit more of a casual look and I think it would also look great with some patterned tailored trousers or even just leggings and sandals too!DSC09032 DSC09036 DSC09040


Definitely head over to Next Maternity range if like me you have been living under a rock for the past 9 months; or even just to check out any of their new pieces if you’re already ‘in the know’ of Next Maternity. If you’d like to see any of these pieces in action, or some other maternity brands that I’m loving then check out my maternity look book below!


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