I know that I mention my fiancé Pete’s son Rhys a lot, but as my future step son, and current little thunder buddy I feel like I should dedicate more blogs to the little dude!

Rhys and Rabbit will be very close in age, Rhys is currently 10 months old and will be 1 on April 2nd (10 days before Rabbit is due!) and even though he’s soon to be a big brother, and quite frankly a boy genius, it’s hard to remember that he is still a bambino!

These first few months have really flown by and are so precious that I want to start regular updates on Rhys, kind of like my bumpdate’s for me and Rabbit.


You’re 10 months old Rhys!

You’re 10 months old little dude and so completely different to the 6 month old that I first met! You were just about sitting up then, you’d started a kind of army crawl and you were very difficult to make smile! Maybe difficult isn’t the right word, let’s say selective!

Now though you constantly amaze me, Daddy and everyone around you with how advanced and clever you are!



You started taking a few steps while holding onto our hands or pieces of furniture at around 9 months and we all said you’d be walking solo by the time you were 1. Well you proved us wrong there, at 10 months you’re practically running! You start, you stop, you turn to give us a cheeky grin. You’re so sturdy and confident that we have to have eyes in the back of our heads or you’ll be popping to the shops before we’ve even noticed you’re gone!


Talking on the phone

Over the last week or so you’ve taken to talking on the phone. You don’t quite say ‘hello’ … it’s more of an ‘Uh?’ and bless your little socks you hold the phone back to front, but you’ve got the right idea! In fact it doesn’t matter if it’s a phone, a remote control or your snuggly comforter Dino – if you can hold it up to your ear then it shall be your way to call your little buddies!


Listening when I say ‘no’

With Rabbit on the way I’m so grateful that you have such a good understanding of the words ‘no’, ‘hot’, ‘dirty’ and ‘not allowed’. It’s obviously the sterner tone of voice that I use but if you’re headed for something I don’t want you to touch then one of those phrases stops you in your tracks and (90% of the time) prompts you to move onto your next exploration. Sometimes you get that awkward ‘maybe if I don’t look at her she’ll go away’ look, where you put your head down and fiddle with your trouser pockets which makes it very tricky for me to stick to my guns – you cheeky monkey!



You’re a little chatterbox, and some of what you say even makes sense! You’ve got ‘mama’ ‘dada’ ‘baba’ and ‘ca-ca'(car). You also make a pretty great car noise and have now started using the same noise for aeroplane too!



photo-25Your twinkly little fingers have really gotten into waving ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ and everyone loves being greeted by you. Next step blowing kisses?


High five!!!

Not only can you give a cool wave but you do a pretty awesome high five too! Once you get started you want to high five everyone and it’s always met with your ….


Cheeky grin!

Now this really makes mine and daddy’s heart melt! Your toothy grin that almost looks like an awkward smile at times is often teamed up with a gasp of air that just shows us how genuinely happy and excited you are!



Using the iPhone

You’re definitely your fathers son! Daddy is the biggest Apple geek in the world and the fact that you now know how to unlock and swipe through the phone just makes you a chip off the old block! You even managed to post a Groupon deal to Daddy’s Facebook page last night haha



Changing hands

This I think is my favourite ( if I’m allowed to have one?). Your little buddy comforter Dino is permanently glued to your hands, and if you need both hands then he will be hanging from your dribbly mouth by the label! (How I dislike that thing being rubbed in my face!) When I’m getting you dressed I always go for your free hand first and as if to think ‘I’ll help her out’ you then move Dino into your other hand to free it up for me to put your other sleeve on!


Finding your way around

You certainly know your way around! Mine and Daddy’s first priority when you started staying with us overnight was making sure that you felt comfortable and saw this as your home. Well you took no time in finding your toy box, snack cupboard and for some reason … our shoe collection. Well what more could you need ay?


What a little treasure you are. I’m so excited to keep watching you grow and even more so to see you with your little brother Rabbit!



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