My kiddies DIY room plaque

This is a bit of a late one but I just found the picture on my phone and thought I’d share it. For Christmas I really wanted to get crafty and make some of my gifts to people. My best friend Paige had her little girl Nevaeh in November and I got her the usual  bits and bobs like socks, clothes, comforter etc, but for Christmas I thought I’d make something a little extra special, a DIY room plaque.

Kids room plaqueI’d bought these room plaques for 99p from a store that I can’t remember the name of. Originally I thought about decorating them and selling them but I decided against that project and instead scattered them around my house. This one was originally turquoise and said ‘follow your dreams’.

I had some scrap material that I’d bought from a crafty store which I cut down to size and used a glue gun to secure it around the wooden plaque. I had to cut small slits where the rope joins onto the wood so that I didn’t get any bunched up material.

I then used pink ribbon that I bought from a car boot sale stall the create the name part. This was the trickiest part as I didn’t want to stick anything down incase I ran out of room for the last letters! I pinned parts to give myself a rough guide and being rather impatient just went with it! It worked out perfectly and all it took was a few dabs frog the glue gun to hold the ribbon in place.

Lastly I added some cute little butterfly decorations from my card making stuff.

I think it came out really lovely and hopefully Paige and Nevaeh liked it too 🙂 I’ll definitely be making more of them for my other friends kiddies as it’s so personal and of course, inexpensive!




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