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Since having Jasper I’ve been pretty non stop. I’ve mentioned before that I can’t really seem to stop and relax. If he gives me 5 minutes, instead of napping with him or just sitting back with a cuppa I give myself a long to-do list usually consisting of housework, errands and blogging. 

Me and Pete have spoken a few times about me needing to just relax, and last week I dedicated a whole hour to pure relaxation!

Pete surprised me with flowers, chocolates, a card and a massage at The Salon  in Hamble (which is literally a stones throw from our house) the day that I came home from the hospital with Jasper. He’d booked it for a week later but I decided to push it back as I didn’t feel ready in myself to have someone putting pressure on my body just yet!

Well last week, after a lot of broken sleep and a need for some downtime I asked my mum to look after Jasper while I indulged! It was only an hour, so I expressed a bit of milk incase he woke up and headed down the road.

I knew it would be lovely, to be honest sitting in a massage chair would have been heaven the way I felt, but I didn’t really think I’d be able to shut off. I thought my head would be constantly whirling as it usually does and I thought I’d constantly be thinking of Jasper. Well, call me a bad mum, but I didn’t think of Jasper once. I also didn’t have a head full of thoughts because amazingly, I fell asleep!

Now this is pretty incredible for me as no matter how amazing a massage is, and I’ve had some pretty spectacular ones in the Maldives and Dubai, I’ve never been able to completely shut off.

The massage was called the Beautiful Bump, intended for pregnancy but just as suitable for new mummies … and any kind of mummy to be honest!

I may get this slightly mixed up as I wasn’t conscious for some parts but here is a breakdown of how it went:

I laid on my front under some towels on a heated bed. It was so toasty I felt like a little baby all wrapped up! I was given a back massage with oils with the perfect amount of pressure. I’m always one for saying the pressures perfect even if it feels like I’m being trampled on, but this was honestly perfection.

I then had to turn onto my back where I had a hottie around my neck (microwavable wheat bag) and the therapist massaged my shoulders and neck, partly using the hottie to add to the pressure.

I then had a collagen wrap applied to my stomach which was then left on while I had a face and head massage followed by a leg massage.

The wrap was then wiped away with a massage and I was left to wake up gently and blissfully make my way back home!

From start to finish the experience was perfect. I’d been in the salon before to have my nails done so I was already familiar with the place and the therapist. There is a really friendly atmosphere, especially as it’s the local salon which makes it feel really personal.

The setting in the treatment room was calm and tranquil with dim lighting and candles. I was made to feel really relaxed and as if time had just stopped while I was in there.



When I got home I felt like I could have had a nap and if it weren’t for the fact that I had to make dinner I think I could have easily napped with Jasper, who, by the way hadn’t even realised I was gone!


I’ve decided that I should have a massage done once a month to remind me how calm I can be and give me that small amount of time to dedicate to myself and my well being.

The massage cost £54 which is definitely worth being a monthly treat, especially if Pete decides to treat me again … *hint hint*


How are you mumas and mums-to-be taking care of yourself and relaxing?

Thanks for reading! xx





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