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You may have already noticed from my (most likely annoying) gym picture spam on Instagram, but I’ve gotten right back into my fitness. I started going to the gym and doing classes while I put Japsy in the creche but now that I’m at a new gym near my parents house I’ve discovered some fab mummy and baby workout classes I can take him along to!

Of course I still do my usual workout sessions and classes alone, it is definitely easier to get in the zone without an adorable/offputting bambino in view; but it’s been so lovely to be able to involve him in something that’s not all about him. I know that probably sounds awful and it’s not that I don’t love doing everything for him but I just think it’s great to involve babies in your daily life too. That way they get to learn about patience, sharing attention and of course get a spot of entertainment at the same time!

My gym offers two mummy and baby classes; Spinning and Buggy Workout. Spinning is probably the trickiest of the two as it has to be timed pretty well with Jaspy’s sleep. It’s basically just a normal spin class but you’re allowed to bring your baby along. They sit in their carseats next to you and either gawk in confusion at you huffing and puffing on the bike or *hopefully* sleep. This works great while Jaspy is in his baby carseat but as soon as he goes up to the next level seat I won’t have anything to keep him in and it would be far too dangerous to let him crawl around!gym

Buggy Workout is fab; you meet on the field outside of the gym and do all sorts of exercises, kind of like circuit training. For the most part bambino is left in the pushchair to the side but some exercises include them like squatting holding onto the handle, walking lunges, sprints etc. This one is great if the weather is nice but I wouldn’t have been able to do it in the Winter.

Pete’s also gotten back into fitness. He’s chucked his running gear on and started working out in the gym while he works away and then he cycles to and from work while he’s based down here. He has the whole getup, the morph suit style clothing, cycling trainers and even camelback filled with water – safe to say he looks pretty snazzy!

We’re also going to look at taking the boys to a regular activity at the weekend like baby gym; something for us to do as a family and to give a bit of structure to our weekends. Sometimes we spend so long running errands and relaxing at home that the weekend flies by and we have to drop Rhys home without having had much fun. Of course we play lots and home and Rhys is always laughing and smiling but we’d like to do some more activities definitely. It’ll also be nice for Pete as I get to take Jaspy to classes in the week and Rhys’s mum does for him but Pete misses out while he’s working.

Now that the weather is nicer and we live closer to civilisation we’ll be doing lots more walking and going to the beach, farm, park, forest etc – anywhere the boys can burn off some energy and me and Pete can get in those positive endorphins! We can also walk to the shops … yes we are actually in walking distance of a shop now *yay* so I’ll be making a conscious effort to walk anywhere close enough.


Do you incorporate exercise with family time or do you prefer to keep it separate? Any ideas you have for keeping fit as a family would be great to know!


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