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I’m not the fittest of pregnant ladies. In fact I’d say I’m far from it. I’m naturally slim but when it comes to my fitness levels they’re not great; often I get out of breathe on the stairs and I’ve lost pretty much all tone and muscle strength from not keeping up with my exercise.

I go through stages of going to the gym and my last stage ended way before I fell pregnant with this bambini. I used to be a squat queen with a pert butt but now it is literally like a cellulite covered pancake which is especially noticeable with my rather large pregnant belly!

What I don’t want to do is leave it too long, not exercise during pregnancy and not get back into it until after birth and then really struggle; so I’ve been adding light exercises into my day to day life just to try and build up some strength until I’m able to properly go for it with the workouts!

1) Yoga

I’m a huge yogi fan; I do go through ducks and dives where I can go weeks without doing any but it’s one of those sports you can get right back into and instantly feel that zen. I’ve recently started up Yogabellies which is a pregnancy specific yoga course and I was absolutely loving it, however after three sessions I’ve had to take a break due to not having any childcare. I’ve already paid up front though so hopefully I’ll be able to rejoin at a later stage of my pregnancy or once bambini is here for the baby yoga classes.

Because I’ve not been able to do the classes it’s simply been a case of finding the right class to suit my mood on Youtube and doing a quick 20 minute session in my living room. My good friend Sophie from Mumology pointed me in the direction of Adriana Yoga who does wonderful mini Youtube classes for different moods such as `Yoga for stress’, ‘Yoga for anger’ even ‘Yoga for couch potatoes’!.

I usually do this in the morning, often when Jasper’s at nursery or napping as the evenings are just too full of unfinished to-do lists. I find my head is much clearer in the morning and even if I’ve woken up with a stuffy head I find I’m much more susceptible to the powers of Yoga at that time.

Physically I feel my posture improve and mentally my emotions swoop from negative and blurry to clear and focused. I get so much motivation, satisfaction and determination from Yoga and the fact that you can do it in a matter of minutes, from just about anywhere makes it an instant winner!

It’s also been fab for my SPD and back pains and to help strengthen the right muscles for labour!

2) Running

Now I’ve never been a runner. In fact I’ve made no secret of how much I hated running of any form. No matter what technique I tried or shoes I wore my shin splints always won. Whether on a running machine or outside I honestly felt quite self conscious as I’m not a confident runner. I felt the need to look at my phone or stop to tie my laces for the hundredth time before giving in at the end of my driveway and turning around!

Recently though I’ve felt the urge to run. It may be a build up of stress or the fact that since quitting the gym I’ve done zero cardio; I’m really not sure of the reason but it’s an urge I had to go with. So as an attempt to beat my insecurities and join the wonderful word of running I’ve given the Bugaboo runner a go. Not only does it give me something to hold onto and I guess distract me, I don’t feel alone as I always have Jasper with me. It’s fun for him (until he sees a park and wants to get out), gives us both some fresh air and lets me do my exercise while having Muma-Baba bonding time.

As I already have the Bugaboo Donkey as an everyday pushchair I only needed the Bugaboo Runner chassis and adapter that Jaspers seat just slots onto; this makes it so easy to just switch between the two as needed!

3) Walking

I find it so important to get outside and get some fresh air. Not only for my fitness levels but to clear my mind too. Whether it’s a country park, sea front, or simply around the block I love to take Jasper for long walks with his scooter or bike. It’s great for both of us and helps him to sleep well that night which is an added bonus!

This is something that unless you have pregnancy complications that make it difficult for you to walk, most mumas to be can do. I find it easier to make a destination plan, so to the park and back, t the duck pond and back for example. That way you set yourself an achievable goal which is a great confidence boost and you know roughly the distance you’ve done as well as the calories burnt!

4) Swimming

I’m a water baby. I love being submerged in water, the weightless feeling that you get and the instant relief from pains of SPD, back ache and generally carrying around a tiny human all day every day. I take Jasper to lessons once a week which is the best work out for my arms and then I try to pop him in the creche once a week so that I can go for a swim myself.

I’m not good at front crawl and prefer breaststroke; the only problem with that is when you have SPD breaststroke can cause you damage as your muscles are pulling outward when you move your legs. I find doing a couple of lengths slowly and then resting before going again is manageable but you need to be careful not to over do it so maybe consider avoiding that stroke.

So there you have it; my not so routine, pregnancy exercise routine! Some fun ways to work out anywhere, anytime and even with baby in tow. Please do let me know any fun ways you like to keep fit – I’m always looking for suggestions!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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