Me and my Mum

Writing this seems as strange as vlogging about it did. As part of my Channel Mum role I was asked to talk about my relationship with my Mum; are we close? have things changed since I became a Mum? Have I learnt anything about being a parent from her? That kind of thing.

Now I have an amazing relationship with my Mum; in fact, I couldn’t fault it. She’s an absolutely amazing person inside and out and is not only a wonderful mother but wonderful in every aspect of her life. Pete&Jess-093

For some reason though I put off vlogging about this topic. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or worried, there wasn’t anything I didn’t want to say I just didn’t find it a natural thing to talk about. I couldn’t structure it. Most of my videos go by a kind of story line or by points but this topic I couldn’t really do that with. There were no major life events to talk about, no particular scenarios. I mentioned this in the video, and that it would be the same to talk about Pete, my Dad, my friends, anyone that I have a great relationship with. Ask me to talk about what we have in common, what we do, how we met etc and I can speak with ease but to describe what I see as a perfect relationship I found tricky, almost braggy, I don’t know.


Anyway I did it and it actually came across a lot better than I expected. I had to edit out a lot of ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs’ but it got a great response and it even brought my Mum to tears so, job done I guess haha

Here’s the video if you’d like to take a look, I’d love to know about your relationship with your Mum. I mentioned in the video that I’m aware how lucky my relationship is with my Mum and that it is rare and many have very different relationships with their mothers. I’d love to hear yours, good or bad if you’re willing to share 🙂

Thanks for watching!


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