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My latest post on traits I don’t want Jasper to get from me, although a little self pitying, was actually a really positive push to work on areas of my life that I want to improve on. I know from the title it looks like I’m either planning to start cross dressing or that me and Pete are breaking up but I assure you it’s neither of those.

With Pete working away the majority of the time I often take on the role of Mum and Dad. Yes Pete is still very much an active parent while he’s away, Facetiming at every opportunity, but when it comes to the typical Dad roles on those working away days, it either falls down to me or doesn’t get done until he’s home.

I take the bins out and, well, that’s about the only one I see myself capable of doing. The rest of what I see as ‘Dad jobs’ get left for Pete which seems really silly. Nothing is particularly strenuous, it’s just stuff I’ve never learnt to do.

Currently we have pictures that need hanging, walls to be painted, a lawn to be mowed and a car to be cleaned. I find myself saying to visitors, oh that’ll be done when Pete gets home but why should it wait? Why am I waiting to do my nursery tour when I could paint the boys room white, hang up their blind, put up their new pictures and film that tour!?

So, I’m determined not to be such a girl and to man up! There may be a night that Pete’s away and a lightbulb needs changing, or a day we have visitors and the lawn is too overgrown to let the kids play on – what am I going to do, sit in the dark and tell the kids to stay inside? No!

Starting from now, I’m going to work through the tasks I’d usually palm off to Pete, whether I need him to teach me or I can simply go to good old Google for the answers I’m going to do them myself! I want Jasper to grow up valuing women, knowing their strength and understanding that he can ask me to do anything he can ask Pete to do – apart form talk cars, that I do not want to do!

I never want him to see women as weaker or less capable so I need to start showing him how strong I really am – or think I am at least! haha


Do you women do the typical men jobs or are you the superwomen I aspire to be like?

* LightBulbs Direct have asked me to share my experiences with running a home on my own, all opinions are my own.

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