A mother can …

Being a mother I’ve come to realise just how awesome I am … I’m sure you mumas out there will agree. We can do a lot of things, some I honestly think would make me be sick before I had Jasper … others are what dreams are made of!

1 – We can make a song out of any situation. ‘Someone’s done a poo poo‘ (‘what dafuq is that smell‘ if I’m in a particularly lyrical mood), ‘where’s this snot on my knee come from you little … cutie pie‘ and  ‘Muma’s getting dressed while Jasper’s being a good boy not crying‘ sit firmly as my most frequently used lyrics!

2 – We can look like sh*t and still be the most beautiful of princess queens in our babies eyes. Yes, Jasper looks at my bedraggled morning face as if I’ve just stepped off a rainbow and for that I am eternally grateful!

3 – We can rock that suspiciously recognisable slimy patch on the shoulder – Is it snot? Is it sick? Do I risk tasting it incase it’s chocolate? 

4 – We can look past early morning wake up calls, poop explosions, non stop screams and hair pulling and feel love … nothing but pure love … And perhaps a little bit of exhaustion!

5 – We sure can guarantee that no matter what we do to our hair … those tiny little fingers are getting hold of it and messing it right up again

6 – Oh yes, we can wipe boogers and spit up on our favourite Zara cardigan and not think twice … Okay not think three times …. I always think twice!

7 – We can use baby wipes to clean anything – those little gems clean myself, Japser and my whole house top from bottom and save me a fortune in the process!

8 – Change a nappy whilst arguing on the phone to the bank, ordering from ASOS and painting our nails … all at the same time

9 – We can damn well make a night of KUTK, online bingo , pj’s and hot chocolate sound wild … right?

10 – We can carry like the Incredible Hulk – Baby? check! Changing bag? check! Dry cleaning? check! Jasper’s dropped Rabbit toy? check! Dirty nappy bag that was left in the car, banana peel, 3 shopping bags and my phone? check, check CHECK!


There are so many things us as mothers, and fathers of course, can do. I know I’m pretty proud of myself and my super human powers … are you?


Thanks for reading!




  • Dianne
    28th May 2015 at 7:46 pm Reply

    You hit the nail on the head there Jessie. I bet every mum reading this is nodding x

    • Jessica
      29th May 2015 at 1:24 pm Reply

      Thanks Muma 🙂

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