As a new mummy I’ve found it a little tricky to spend as much time on cooking, crafting and other homely tasks that I need to keep on top off.

I do really enjoy cooking and hate that since Rabbits been here I haven’t taken the time and effort to whisk up a good meal- in fact we’ve resorted to takeaways far too many times for my liking!

So when the team at Zanussi sent me some easy tips for around the home I was really excited to give them a go!

The first tip was a microwaveable chocolate mug cake recipe which took about a minute to prepare, 2 minutes to heat and used items that I generally have in my cupboards everyday.

Here are the ingredients I used:


And the instructions …


I managed to prepare it with Jasper in one arm (not the easiest as he was wriggly, but shows it can be a one-handed task!)


Voila! It didn’t rise as much as I’d have liked but then it’s quite a large mug so that might have been why.

I added some double cream and enjoyed the no-bake, spongy chocolatiness I’d managed one handedly in 3 minutes!


If you have any mug cake recipes I’d love to hear them, I’m now a tad obsessed and up for anything to make life that much easier!

Thanks for reading 🙂

*I was sent a voucher to purchase the ingredients for this recipe. Opinions are my own.