When I was younger I’d quite happily have left my room to get messy – never unclean, but a bit of mess never really bothered me. Since living with Pete however I’ve become quite the domestic goddess!

As Pete goes out to work everyday and I have the privilege of getting to stay at home, I guess I see it as my job to keep the house tidy and clean and I actually quite enjoy it. Not to mention it’s our first home together and I want us to be proud of it when we are in it and when we have visitors.

On top of this, I have the added bonus of being pregnant and of course being in nesting mode – my lucky house but poor mind! Our floor in the kitchen is white and shows up every single hair, sticky finger print and crumb. In one way it’s a good thing as I always know that when it’s clean it really is clean, but on the other hand it drives me crazy because I feel like I constantly have to hoover, sweep and mop!

Having Rhys here helps a lot because his current favourite activity is housework … seriously! All the trains, cars and shakers that boy has and he heads straight for the mop!rhys cleaning

No matter how much I’ve been cleaning lately, I’ve managed to surprise myself this past week when I’ve entered mega nesting mode!

With Rabbit’s arrival so close I want the house to be perfect. Washing the bedding Monday means that if he arrives Tuesday the bed won’t be completely fresh. Polishing in the morning means that if I bring Rabbit home in the afternoon a layer of dust may have settled! I know this sounds crazy, and it is but I’m hoping once he arrives it’ll calm down a little bit lol

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be sent some great cleaning products to review which came just in the knick of time for this crazy ladies mega nesting mode!


Zoflora concentrated 3 in 1 Disinfectant’s

I have two fragrances to try – Springtime and Twilight garden. The Springtime is quite a standard cleaning scent with a lemony freshness whereas the Twilight one took me by surprise. I expected it to smell of lavender, not that it says lavender anywhere on the box but because of the colour scheme of the box and the fact that I associate the word twilight with night time and relaxation. 

The scent is actually really floral with yang yang and lilies – it’s really nice 🙂

photo 1-53

The  disinfectant kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses while eliminating odours and keeping a fresh scent all day! It dilutes 1 in 40 so even a small bottle will last a long time! (provided by mega nesting calms down).

It’s fab for  a range of surfaces including:

Hard surface pet areas


Aquaint Sanitising Water

Now this product got me really excited. It’s really great for when I have Rhys with me and I’ll definitely be using it with Rabbit when he’s here too.

photo 2-57

Aquaint is a 100% natural cleansing water made by Vital Baby – a brand focusing on innovative products for babies!

The spray kills 99.9% of bacteria within seconds yet is safe to swallow and be used from birth on babies hands, soothers, teethers and bottles!

It’s only ingredient other than water is Hypochlorous Acid which is a natural acid that is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs.

photo 3-37

I’ve already used it on Rhys’s bottle, hands and some surfaces around the home. There is absolutely no fragrance and no sticky feeling left afterwards. In fact it doesn’t feel like anythings been there at all! If I hadn’t read the label I’d probably convince myself that the bottle was just full of water but being the trusting lady that I am – I’ll believe its antibacterial properties!

I’m feeling really confident that I can keep my house as clean, tidy and germ free as possible with the kiddies running around. Let’s just hope that Rabbit decides to arrive straight after I’ve gotten done with a round of cleaning, if not I’ll be asking Pete to get to work around the house!


Thanks for reading xx