I’ve just realised that it’s been over a week since I last posted (shame on me!) I’ve had a really busy work week trying to get in the extra pennies before Christmas as I realised that I haven’t actually started our Christmas shopping yet! I say ‘we’, but I mean ‘I’ as Pete really isn’t going to be helping me with this one.

What has happened to this list making control freak!? I started out so prepared and organised and I even had 5 peoples presents done by October! I guess baby brain has taken over the last couple of months as I now have 7 kids and 5 adults left to buy for, and a few DIY gifts that I want to have a go at for the ladies and kiddies of the family. Plus I now have a few more presents for Pete as I decided to give him some of his Christmas presents early for his birthday that was on the 12th- epic fail from me!

So this week I am dedicating to blogging, Christmas shopping and maybe a bit of crafting as I’ve really missed getting creative! I want to have a go at making my own wrapping paper, ribbon to go around the gifts and also some Christmas cards. I have loads of crafty bits lying around so I’m going to make the most of those and make my Christmas presents a little bit more special and personal.

Wish me luck and keep posted <3