Living with parents

As I keep raving about over on the land of Twitter, we are moving out of cosy cottage and into a wonderful barn in Privett. In between the two though, we are moving in with my parents for 12 days.

We’re very fortunate that we still have my old room there to sleep in and a spare room for Rhys. There’s also a huge lounge for us to store everything in so we won’t be under anyone’s toes.

Literally our whole house has fit into one room of their house, you can’t move in there but it’s pretty impressive!
The move is timed perfectly as my sister is also back from Sweden for the weekend and staying at home with her boyfriend – full house!

It’s the first time that we’ve met Christer and he fits in with the family so well already. Mum loves having all of us under one roof, and with Jasper sleeping through the night now *yay* it’s all running smoothly!

I do love being back at home. It’s great for Jaspy to see Grandma and Grandad all the time and also gives me a bit more of a break and time to blog!
Jaspy especially loves walking out in the garden and looking at all of the pretty flowers.20140905-092639-33999339.jpgI’ve been nominated as house cook but apart from that it’s quote like being in a b&b!

Have you had to move back home with your family?


  • The Smallest Of Things
    5th September 2014 at 11:26 am Reply

    I’m currently living with my partners parents 🙁 it’s horrible and I hate it. We’ve been here over 2 months now and seems like we’re just not moving any further with our move 🙁 so glad you are enjoying it and it’s not for long xx

    • Jessica
      8th September 2014 at 8:42 am Reply

      Do you have a date in sight yet? I guess just try and enjoy it for what it is, maybe a chance not to have to cook or have the kiddies looked after? I think I’d find it so much harder if it was my partners parents so I do feel for you. It won’t be long, my fingers are crossed for you! xx

  • Hayley chall
    5th September 2014 at 7:10 pm Reply

    I lived with my parents for 18 months, firstly to save up for our deposit for our home and then when we were making our house livable! It was a means to an end for us, an opportunity we wouldn’t get again. But I found it a bit uhhh.. What’s the word, maybe a bit much being a bride to be planning her wedding and then a freshly married woman too!! Not that we didn’t get under feet and my parents left us be, but it just wasn’t our home! Xx

    • Jessica
      8th September 2014 at 8:41 am Reply

      I know exactly what you mean. It’s just not your home. It’s probably easier for me than Pete as it’s my family home but he’s actually so comfortable here. He helps himself to everything and doesn’t think twice about watching what he wants on TV or anything. You know what it’s actually great as mum can help me plan my wedding or look after Jasper while I get on with my emails and stuff. I might actually miss it haha xx

  • Imogene @ Little & Big
    14th September 2014 at 8:58 am Reply

    When I had my youngest (had a c section) I moved into my mums house for two weeks as she had a walk in shower and has a toilet/bathroom downstairs.. I both loved and hated it! It was fab to have people around to help, but also felt like a spare part in someone else’s house, there’s no place like your own house! Xx

    • Jessica
      1st October 2014 at 6:59 pm Reply

      Definitely, now that I’m in our new home I can’t imagine going back and staying with anyone else. Always nice to have the help though 🙂 xx

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