Little Street Baby Date

This week I not only got the pleasure of having my bloggy bestie Sarah over for wine and ramblings, but me and Jaspy also got to spend the afternoon with her, Isla, Rom, Max, Donna and Will.I.Am at Little Street in Frimley!

If you haven’t heard of Little Street before, it is what it says, a little street … for little people. There’s a supermarker, building site, hairdressers, doctors surgery, cafe, stage and so much more!

The kiddies absolutely loved it, they were definitely on the cusp on appreciating it; any younger and I don’t think hey’d have really benefitted from it. The beauty of it though, is that overtime they go back they’ll appreciate it so much more. They’ll understand more and more how to engage in role play, to use the till, pack a trolley, build a tower etc. It really is a place I can see me taking Jaspy and Rhys for many years. In fact I’ve already arranged 3 separate play dates there with family and friends!

I didn’t take many snaps but here’s a video of our day; if you get a chance (and haven’t already) please do pop over to the channel and hit subscribe. I’trying to grow the channel with the blog so that it all comes hand in hand and we’d love your continued support … boring speech over!!


Ooh and don’t forget to find Sarah, Rom and Donna’s channels, they’re in the description box of the video!

Thanks for reading/ watching guys!



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