Like mother like son

I knew I recognised Jasper from somewhere … dubious clothing choices, up all night, easily disoriented … it was me, student me, at university.

I found this hilarious infographic on My Voucher Codes (ever the bargain hunter) and I just thought it was too brilliant not to share! I’m sure all of you mumas who attended Uni can relate to this, uni is a crazy time full of new experiences, questionable outfits, naps and well …naps! 

It’s such a big new world and I honestly think it was life changing for me. I made such amazing friends, learnt so much and found my independence. I feel like I can really appreciate Jaspers non stop exploring, flip of a hat tantrums and much needed naps now more than ever. My son is in a whole new world, every stage of his life will be like starting uni and I’m certainly going to embrace those stages and hold his hand through every little step he takes. 



p.s I know the main image is a little old of Jasper but I found it and just loved it!



  • Jenna
    22nd September 2015 at 1:14 pm Reply

    Haha, so true!! 🙂

    Jasmine’s just learned how to take her own clothes off. Joy!! 😉

    • Jessica
      24th September 2015 at 7:59 am Reply

      haha at least it makes getting undressed for bedtime easier!

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