Nothing spreads the love more than a random act of kindness. Whether it be a smile, someone holding the door open for you or a text to say I love you – we all need these little bursts of sunshine in our lives.

Society has gotten to a point where money and grand gestures are what makes people happy but it’s the little things, the effort, the thought and the care that someone has put into something that I think really makes the difference. That’s why I’ve been making the gifts that I give people this year, because I think that the thought and effort that I put into them to make them unique means more than the money I could have spent in a shop.

When browsing through You Baby Me Mummy blog by the lovely Aby, I came across her post – ‘Kindness – Will you pay it forward?’ It’s exactly the kind of thing that I love to see and saw it as my chance to get involved and pay a little kindness forward myself.

Here’s how it works: The first 5 people who comment on this blog post saying ‘I’m in’ will receive a gift from me in the post at some point during 2014 (probably more likely to be the next few weeks as otherwise it’s a long way off!). This gift could be anything; something that I’ve made, a postcard, a beautiful picture … just something that I think would brighten your day and make you smile. Of course I’ll base my gift on what I think you would like from looking at your blog or social media accounts and try and make it unique to you 🙂

You won’t know when you will receive it so it will make for a lovely surprise and hopefully brighten up your day!

The only condition is that you have to do the same. You must make a similar post to this one and put it on your blog or social media accounts and pay the love forward to five more people.


Here’s to a happy 2014 full of kindness – let’s spread the love  🙂