Keeping your toddler clean can be such a chore; they’re lives are full of adventure, exploration, curiosity and as a result – mess. Jasper is a typical boy, if he’s not outside getting muddy then he’s inside painting, baking or demolishing my make up collection and there are so many times during the day where I just think – is it bath time yet?

Where Jasper has such sensitive skin I don’t like to give him baths every day. He tends to shower on a Tuesday at swimming and then bath on a Friday with his brother Rhys and then it depends on what he’s done as to which days between he has a proper wash or just a little freshen up, but we try to limit him to 3-4 a week.

The only problem with this is that with such an active life, climbing on everything and interacting with kiddies and pets, I always worry that just baby-wiping him down or giving him a mini wash isn’t really getting him clean enough between those shower and bath days.

We recently got the opportunity to give Johnson’s Top-to-toe baby washcloths a try. They’re much thicker, softer and larger than normal baby wipes and a fab alternative to washing. One wipe easily cleans Jaspers whole body and what’s really fab is you don’t need to rinse or dry your little one after use. DSC09688

I was slightly skeptical that they wouldn’t be right for Jaspers skin what with him suffering badly from eczema and dermatitis in the past but they simply left him smelling fresh and clean with no reactions whatsoever. The no more tears formula makes them as gentle to the eye as water so you can use it on your little one with ease, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use these on our new arrival.

Of course I wouldn’t use these solely, but for those in-between nights or moments where you’re at a friends house or out and about and little one gets messy, these are just wonderful!

I created a little video of us using them below if you’d like to see them in action and definitely go and try them for yourselves – they’ll get you out of so many sticky situations!


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