Jenson at 15 months

Oh my has it been a while since I’ve written one of these! The last update that I did for Jenson was when he turned one and although that was only three months ago, I feel like he’s grown so much since!

Jenson’s 13th and 14th months have been big ones in terms of milestones, his character has come out even more than ever and he just seems like such a little boy rather than a baby now! It really is crazy how quickly they grow but before I start to gush over how he isn’t my tiny newborn anymore, let’s get into the basics!


Jenson is still a wonderful sleeper on the whole. He typically goes for 12 hours at night with 7pm-7am being the norm however we occasionally get treated with the odd 7pm-8am snooze! We did go through a bit of a phase around the 13 month mark where he was waking up one to three times a night for milk but that only lasted for around a week and I just put it down to a growth spurt.

He also naps for 2-3 hours during the day, typically from 11am-2pm but he can go down as early as 10:30am and as late as 2pm and still get a good three hours in. I try not to let him go down any later than 2pm as if he sleeps anytime past 5pm he won’t go down at 7pm.

I’ve gotten back into the habit of giving Jenson his bottle before he goes into his cot so that he self settles when I lay him down rather than feeding himself to sleep. Quite often I hear him babbling away to himself and his teddies which is super cute but occasionally he’ll throw all of his teddies and his dummy out of his cot and then shout until I go in and put them back for him – it’s become a bit of a game!

Jenson is definitely a lighter sleeper than Jasper was, he’s pretty tricky to transfer if he falls asleep in the car and if I go in to give him a kiss in the middle of the night he’ll always stir but he’s pretty good at settling himself back down.


Jenson currently has two to three bottles of 7oz of cows milk per day. He’s not fussy at all and has it straight from the fridge which is handy as he’s so impatient and if I try to put it in the microwave he has a bit of a paddy! He always has one at bedtime and usually one before his afternoon nap although if we’re out and about in the car he’ll fall asleep without one. In the morning if he wakes up early at say 6am I’ll give him a bottle to have in my bed or even in his if he looks like he may go back off to sleep, but if he wakes later we tend to skip the bottle and go straight for breakfast. 

Food wise Jenson isn’t that much of an eater. He’ll devour pouches all day and loves yoghurts and pretty much all fruits but actual meals are a little bit tricker. I’m not sure if he’s lazy with chewing, or if I didn’t introduce him to solids quick enough but he much prefers softer things; so meals like shepherds pie are great but anything like chicken pieces or pasta has to be cut up extremely small to stand a chance of staying in his mouth. 


Jenson has been quite busy on the old milestones front; he’s now a fully fledged walker, toddling along with his arms above his head like a monkey and leaning forward ready to land on whoever he’s aiming for.

He’s also babbling so much, he doesn’t say that many words but he’s non-stop communicating with his noises, pointing and facial expressions. The words that he does say are mama, dada, Grandma, baba, hey and bye.

After having four teeth for ages Jenson had two more pop through at around 13 months so he now has four on the bottom and two up top!


Climbing – Jenson climbs on absolutely everything. He can get onto the toilet and into the sink, on the dining room table via the chairs and on the windowsill via the sofas! I’m going to get him into gymnastics like his big bro which I just know he’ll love! 

Dancing – we were recently sent a retro mini dab radio in a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater ‘men at work’ print and Jenson loves dancing along to it! Whenever he fancies a boogie he stands next to it, holds onto the table and bounces up and down shouting until I turn it on. He then bops up and down with the biggest grin and it melts my heart!

Sorting – Jenson is really into shape sorting and even things like putting lids back on bottles and toys into different boxes. He’s definitely a problem solver and spends a lot of his time emptying and refilling the kitchen cupboards!

Being outdoors – As soon as the front door is opened whether we’re leaving the house or simply accepting a package Jenson makes a run for it! He loves sitting on the doorstep which I could imagine would look super cute to come home to after a days work but generally he loves being in mud and dirt getting his clothes all grubby!

Keeping up with his big brother – The gap between Jasper and Jenson seems to be getting smaller and smaller as Jenson is quickly being able to do things just the same as his big bro. Jenson is hot on his heels wherever Jasper goes and can climb the same heights. He’s pretty strong and when they bicker over toys it’s honestly anyones guess as to who will end up with them!  


Being taken off the table/ work surface/ windowsill when caught on there; having his nappy changed and his big brothers robot dinosaur (it terrifies him!).


Well that’s all for Jenson at 15 months. He really is just the happiest little chap and such an easy going boy. He smiles non-stop and is just such a joy to be around.

How’s your little one doing at 15 months?

Thanks for reading!
Jess x

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