Jaspys Milestones – We have a crawler

This is the moment that although I’ve been encouraging for quite some time now, I’ve also been slightly dreading! Jaspy is officially a crawler. Okay it’s more of a creep/army drag but he’s getting from A to B and at quite some speed!

He didn’t really sit at that awkward air humping phase for too long (thank god as that’s slightly cringe), he kind of went from this hilarious skydive where he would lay on his tummy, lift his arms and legs in the air and pretty much attempt to fly; to scooting across the room!

craler2Everyone I’ve told has said ‘Oh no, this is when trouble starts’ and I can see exactly what they mean. I now have to grab everything that could be a potential hazard and put it up high. I have to consider where I position my tea on the side tables as he can now grab at the table legs. I also have to make sure not to leave my phone in easy reach as once he see’s it and is on his way, god help the crazy person who takes it away from him! This boy is just like his brother and favours iPhones, laptop, keys and remote controls to any toy in his play room!

Now that Jaspy is more mobile I’ve realised just how close to danger he is at every part of the day. He crawls to the table and my mind screams *sharp corner, *carpet burn*, *bumped head. I worry a lot more than I used to and I’ve realised that I really need to be prepared. So I’m now on safety mode.

Tomorrow I’m going on the hunt for a play pen to pop him in when I need to run out of the room quickly. I’ll also be needing corner covers, plug socket covers, door stops and … probably a lots of plasters! I was conveniently sent a mini kids first aid kit by Premier Healthcare and Hygiene Ltd with lots of plasters, wipes and (hopefully not needed – eye/wound wash pods!) which I’m sure will come in very handy!

Is it bad that I’m already dreading the walking phase … stop growing so quickly Jaspy!!

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  • Dianne
    30th November 2014 at 10:45 pm Reply

    You need to get on your hands and knees and crawl round at Jaspers eye level to see what he can see. You will be amazed at the things he will go for x

    • Jessica
      2nd December 2014 at 9:29 pm Reply

      Oh no I bet!

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