Jaspys Appetite – How to feed a 9 month old

Jaspy’s never really had the best of appetites. On some (rare) days he could finish four bottles and eat three good meals; but the majority of the time he barely finishes one bottle and doesn’t eat much at all!

He’s perfectly healthy and growing well so I don’t worry about his weight, however I do worry that he’ll become fussy, not be getting the right amount of nutrients and never sleep through the night.

With this in mind I’ve been persevering, and along with a fantastic sleep routine that I’ll be writing about later this week, been implementing a strict feeding schedule .. and you know what? It’s paying off!

On Monday, Jaspy surprised me so much that I actually shed a little tear! He ate so much and then did the exact same yesterday and so far this morning too! Here is an example of his feeding schedule and meal choices:


7:30am – 7oz bottle plus either bowl of baby porridge or oatmeal with full fat cows milk and toast with marmite. (He usually drinks 5oz of it)

10am – Remaining 2oz of morning bottle

11:45 – Protein based meal e.g. Cheesey chicken pasta or ham and cheese sandwich; plus veggie or fruit puree and yoghurt.

2:30pm – 7oz bottle

5:30pm – Carb based meal e.g. sausage pasta or chicken and mash; plus veggie or fruit puree and yoghurt

7pm – 7oz bottle


As you can see, for every meal I try to give him solids to feed himself plus puree. This is purely because a lot of his food ends up on the floor so at least I know giving him puree I can keep track of how much he’s eating. The Cow and Gate first taste purees are fab because I can give him a whole pouch of carrot puree while he’s feeding himself pasta and chicken pieces. He doesn’t like pouches with to many ingredients in so the first taste ones are fab!



His bottles do take him a long time to drink. Usually he’ll manage 4oz then have an ounce or two more half an hour later and then another ounce or so shortly after that. I don’t mind this at all as long as he has the milk.


What kind of meals does or did your 9 month old eat? I’m really hoping that his new appetite is here to stay and hope even more that it will help him to sleep! Stay tuned for his sleep routine as that’s been working wonders too!


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  • alongcamejay
    11th February 2015 at 2:45 pm Reply

    hello lovely! as far as I can see Jaspy is growing handsomely! baby Jay isn’t much of a food fan some days he didn’t eat which scared me but a lot of it is down to teething and he’s not always keen on baby food and wants what adults are having!. he loves marmite on toast for example but I know I can’t feed him that all day. I just try and vary it up and also give him the things he does enjoy eating as I know he needs to eat.

  • alongcamejay
    11th February 2015 at 2:47 pm Reply

    ok so Jay just pressed the submit comment button without me finishing! I will definitely try those pouches and see if they interest him, glad to hear the sleep routine is going well. Our battle is getting Jay to nap in the day he won’t do it but sleeps all night so every baby is unique. xx

    • Jessica
      12th February 2015 at 1:28 pm Reply

      Teething definitely has soo much to do with it! Jaspy’s mood and whether or not he’s teething or sick really determines his eating. It always happens to be when we get into a routine that a tooth pops through! haha

      Oh Jay you cheeky little pickle, definitely try them, Jaspy loves the carrot one but the pea and broccoli not so much. They do mixed ingredient ones too but all very simple.

      Jay is so good sleeping at night but I would struggle with no break in the day; but then again I need my breaks because I’m shattered from broken sleep at night! Like you said, they’re all so different but of course extremely gorgeous! xx

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