Jaspys New Fave Accessory – Play on Playa*

Accessorising for boys is so difficult. With girls it’s easy, there are so many cute headbands and tutus on top of the usual hats and bibdanas to choose from but for boys you’re pretty much limited to bow ties and braces if you want to be a bit different.

I love putting hats on Jaspys miniature head. I think he looks really adorable in little beanies and I especially love his bear hat from Gap that he wears pretty much daily! To be honest I thought that’s where our funkiness would stop in terms of baby headwear but oh no … how wrong I was!

We were recently sent this funky ‘Push to Play’ trucker hat from Little Fit and I think it makes him look like a mini gangsta! Of course he didn’t want to keep it on but I’m hoping if I try it with him regularly he’ll get used to it and rock it daily in the summer!

lilfit3 lilfit

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