Jaspy’s 7 and 8 Month Updates

These months have been going far too quickly! I was talking to my mum about it the other day and I’ve found that every month until the sixth was really exciting; I couldn’t wait to see what the next would bring but all of a sudden Jaspy turned 6 months and I felt a kind of panic. Each month he was getting closer and closer to 1 … ONE! He’d be a toddler, not my little baby anymore. I’ve only just gotten over the fact that he’s no longer a newborn and now I’ve got to get the idea around my head that he’ll be a blooming toddler! That shiz cray!

Well amongst all of this panic and, of course, excitement; I managed to miss his 7 month update. SO in true unorganised Muma style, here’s his 7 and 8 month update all in one!



Jaspy, you’re still waking in the night; sometimes just the once (which I appreciate a lot); and sometimes up to 5 times! We’re working really hard to help you sleep better and it’s all a game of trial and error at the moment. We’re trying to control your daytime sleep, give you more milk and food in the daytime and even cut out your milk in the night. You went into your own room this month *sob sob* (yea I cried about it) and occasionally (every night) you end up in our bed!

You get this hyper moment which lasts about an hour; you finish your bottle, usually around 4am and then start crawling around the bed basically attacking me and Daddy …. please stop, it’s not fun!



You love your milk. You have 3-4 bottles of 6 oz in the day and 1-2 in the night. We are trying to cut out the second night feed as, in the words of the doctor ‘you’re big enough and strong enough to not need milk during the night’! On top of this you love pureed fruit and have quite a bit of solid food too. Your favourite is weetabix with cows milk and you also enjoy a bit of cherry tomato, toast and cheese!

You still won’t have savoury puree unless it’s mixed with fruit so your menu is rather odd at the moment – banana and broccoli anyone?



Well there have been a fair few of these! Jaspy you now crawl, stand (with a little helping hand), say ‘muma’ and ‘dada’ and occasionally ‘no’.

You reach out when you want a cuddle and grab at just about everything in sight.


Jasperisms – What makes you you!

You have the huskiest little voice and often sound like an OAP on a marathon!

Some would call your laugh evil …. okay most would! It’s a kind of manic chuckle usually mixed with a hair pull or bite!

Yep, you’re a biter, scratcher and hair puller.

You’re also a cuddler. You love nothing more than snuggling into me and pulling my face to look at your gorgeous smile.

As mentioned earlier, in the early hours of the morning you become hyper and crawl around the bed attacking whoever out of me and daddy has mistakenly been seen through the covers!

You have the fluffiest most beautiful hair in the world. Your bed hair makes my heart melt and it looks like you have your own little hair foo. I do try to slick it back like Daddys but it has a mind of it’s own and likes to go forward and a little to the right.

Your chubby thighs belong on a  Christmas dinner platter … scrummy! You also have michelin man elastic banded wrists which I sometimes have to double take at as I worry you’re having some kind of allergic reaction!

You love playing peekaboo and chasing me around on the floor.

Your new thing to do when you’re not getting your own way is growling. You do it at me, Daddy and Rhys. It’s usually when I try to dress you, feed you or move you away from things you shouldn’t be touching.



You’ve had tonsillitis a few times over the past month which sucks. You’ve still been a little trooper and kept a smile on your face but it’s not been fun to watch.

We also went to see a specialist paediatric dermatologist regarding your birthmark. I’ll go into more detail on this in a future post but we’ve been given drops to trial on it and it looks like it’s going down already! I won’t lie, I’m going to miss your strawberry kiss!


What we’ve been up to:

Ok theres been a lot going on over the past couple of months. Christmas has had the biggest build up, that and boxing day but we’ve also been getting up to lots of other fun stuff.

Your first Halloween – you were a pumpkin and a darn cute one

We met with some lovely new blogger babies like Isla, Austin, Max and Will-I-Am. 

We went on a road trip to London

You saw fireworks and sparklers

You went on your first train journey

You met Santa

You started Water babies – you get dunked, you hold onto the side of the pool and you kick your legs like a little mermaid!
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Well Jaspy it’s been the most fun-filled couple of months. The older you get the more you make me laugh, want to cover you with kisses … and sometimes pull my hair out!

I can’t wait to see what the new year brings, mischief and trouble no doubt!

~Love Muma ~

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